Fashion Flashback – Calvin Klein Jeans

The older I get, the more I laugh when looking back at pictures of me as a kid and the clothes that were popular in grade school. Do you remember wearing a bunch of pairs of socks, all scrunched up at your ankles (over stirrup pants, of course!) looking sweet with the oversized t-shirt knotted at the waist and topped off with an amazing crimped-out side ponytail? Unfortunately, I do. But there were some trends that never dissipated… luckily enough for us, jeans were one of them.

I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite denim trends through the years. It’s always good to have some new (or old) eye candy… I am especially a fan of Mark Wahlberg in CK– any chance to get him half naked is a good thing indeed.

Going back to the early 80s and 90s, when jeans became a fashion statement in addition to being a staple… Here are some of Calvin Klein Jeans ads – always racy, always pushing the envelope, and always, ALWAYS hot.


Calvin Klein was able to make denim sexy again and proved it time after time with his ad campaigns. There’s always been a bit of controversy with his photos – a fifteen year old Brooke Shields was one of the first models to create a lot of talk regarding her provocative poses and lines, such as, “Nothing gets between me and my Calvins.” He’s had to pull advertisements several times over the years for their content, as recently as his 2009 Line.

CK's most recently pulled advertisement campaign

And the best for last…here are MY all time favorite CK ads. Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss modeled CK jeans together in the early 90’s, and did a pretty good job of heating up billboards across the country. Would it be ridiculous for me to print these off and hang them in my room like I’m fifteen? Haha.

Marky Mark for CK, early 90s Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss for CK, early 90s

Kate Moss for CK, early 90sYes, please!

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