DenimBlog Exclusive: Interview with Paige Adams-Geller of Paige Premium Denim


DenimBlog got the wonderful opportunity to talk to Paige Adams-Geller, the gorgeous lady behind the fantastic brand Paige Premium! We did an interview with her a year ago and we thought it would be great to see how Paige is doing a year on from then. Continue reading for the interview with Paige. To see Paige Premium Denim’s Look Book for Fall 09, click here.

DenimBlog: So we did an interview with you a year ago, what exciting things have happened on your denim line since?

Paige: We are super excited about how Paige has evolved this year! For a brand that is and was known for being the best butt jean, we are now proud to say that we have the best washes from day to night – the key being tons of variety. Our daytime washes are incredibly cool and vintage inspired, while our nighttime washes are classic, clean and sophisticated. Also exciting this year is the growth of our celebrity fan base. We have developed our own Paigeaholics in the entertainment business like Gisele Bundchen, Rachel Bilson, Penelope Cruz, Isla Fisher, Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, Hayden Panettiere and more.

DenimBlog: What has been your best seller throughout 2008 and the beginning of 2009?

Paige: My 10″, 12″ and 14″ skinnies that are part of my Skinny Core Collection have been a huge success – they offer gals a chance to create their perfect skinny from rise to leg opening. Another top style is actually the first style I ever designed: the Laurel Canyon – our low rise, boot cut. Finally our hot, sexy boyfriend cut – the Jimmy Jimmy – while most boyfriend jeans are oversized ours is almost a girlfriend jean in that it is made to highlight a women’s body. Our best washes have been Mckinley – a dark, crisp navy blue and Rebel – a dark, distressed jean with a vintage feel.

DenimBlog: What is coming up next season that we should be on the look out for?

Paige: After the great success of our 10″ and 12″ skinnies, we will now be offering them in several new washes. My favorites are Gypsy – a light vintage blue with rips and tears, Goth – a beat up, washed down black hue and Friction – a grey jean with ripped knees and worn in spots. Our Rebel wash is still going strong, so I’m happy to say that more great fits will be available in that as well.

DenimBlog: What are your favourite Paige jeans and why?

Paige: My all-time favorite is the Skyline Ankle Peg – a classic rise peg leg jean that skims the ankle bone. I adore it because its a jean for all seasons and occasions. In the Spring, girls can wear it with everything from gladiator sandals to flip flops, at night you can throw on some sexy platforms and rock them. Then as Fall comes around, they slide right into your favorite boots. We offer them in over 15 washes depending on the season so there really is a pair for everyone.

DenimBlog: What is most important to you when picking your perfect jeans?

: All the things that are important to me when designing or picking out my perfect pair of jeans are even more prevalent in these tough economic times. The most important attribute is quality. I am a stickler for making sure that you get what you pay for. My jeans are made of the best denim I can get my hands on – fine fabrics from Italy, Japan and the U.S. I also want them to feel comfortable on the body and last for a long time so we use innovative wash and manufacturing techniques. Second, my jeans need to fit like a glove and not stretch out too easily – we do rigorous wear tests to ensure that they fit correctly and won’t give out over time. Finally, I need to be able to be adventurous with the details and the finish of the jeans while still maintaining the focus on the amazing fit.

DenimBlog: Which line do you prefer working on most? Paige Denim or Paige Black Label?

Paige: As someone that is creative, I enjoy every aspect of design. Even picking names out for my styles is exciting to me. Its a tough call, but I’d have to say my heart and soul will always be in denim. After all I am just a blue jean baby, LA lady, seamstress for myÔǪbrand!

DenimBlog: What have you enjoyed most since founding Paige?

Paige: I love the challenge of finding the perfect pair of jeans for someone. Putting a smile on their face when they think their butt looks good is irreplaceable. I adore working with customers and building an emotional bond with them – I am lucky to receive tons of emails from satisfied customers who share their stories – it really brings the design process full circle for me. Lastly,

I have enjoyed all the traveling around the world I’ve been able to do – its really inspired my designs.

DenimBlog: What do you think will be the next big denim trend?

Paige: The next big denim trend is my secret! In the meantime look for the Skinny Flare in Laguna Destruction – its our brand new take on the flare jean – a style that is about to come back in a big way. Ours is ultra flattering due to the skinny thigh and knee that leads to a subtle flare – it works really well on all body types as it balances the frame. And hip hip hooray the denim jacket is back! Our Vermont jacket is a slim, fitted cut with a classic, blue jean feel.

DenimBlog: Do you want to tell the DenimBlog readers a bit more about your brand – Why did you decide to start Paige? And a bit about your history?

Paige: I spent ten years in the denim industry as a fit model for the top denim brands. I had an itch to expand my creativity as well as tons of opinions regarding the perfect fitting jean. I was determined to create a line built on fit, fabric and finish.

My jeans are known for being ultra flattering due to my behind the seams experience – our side seams sit forward to slim the hips, the back pockets are strategically placed and the bottoms are cut to make you look like you have legs for days. I also found that the market was oversaturated with jean lines that were logo crazy! I was eager to create a jean that was clean, known for its fit and then for its huge variety of washes and cuts.

In 2004 my dream came true with the introduction of Paige Premium Denim – and I was thrilled at the response! We were picked up right away by Ron Herman, Scoop, Bergdorf’s and other top retailers. We also got tons of press – there were pieces in W, People Magazine, Vogue and more – it was truly an amazing response! After a few short years we are proud to offer tons of cuts, washes and styles that allow women and men everywhere to find their perfect fit.

DenimBlog: Lastly is there anything else you would like to add about your wonderful denim brand?

Paige: I think that I am most proud that the goals I set forth for myself in starting Paige have come to pass.. Our brand has been a leader in taking denim to new fashion heights. We have pushed the denim boundaries with wide legs, skinnies, flares and boyfriends as well as taken our dark sexy washes and pushed the envelope with exciting and inviting vintage ones. In just a few short years we have accomplished a great deal! All of this has allowed me to fulfill my other goal of giving back – I have become part of the leadership council for RAINN and an ambassador for NEDA. These charities are very near and dear to my heart.

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  1. It is great to hear designers perspective on the pieces they create. I love the Paige skyline too. It is a great fit and is great for summer and fall. It would be amazing to meet designers but when you can’t, it is great to read about them on a more personal level. Great Post!

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