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So we were lucky enough to get an interview with the co-founders of J Brand, Susie Crippen and Jeff Rudes. J Brand is such an important brand among the jeans company’s out there. They brought skinny jeans to life! Carry on reading to see the exclusive interview specifically for you DenimBlog readers! Don’t forget to get your J Brand jeans as well, I definitely recommend them, they are super flattering and sexy!

DenimBlog: What inspired you the most when creating J Brand?

J Brand: We wanted to create a really classic and clean jean with a great fit. We looked at hundreds of pictures from the 60’s and 70’s to get the right essence and ultimately took elements from all of them to get our first sample.
Also there was a great desire for what I personally wanted to wear and Jeff just understood that notion.

DenimBlog: What has been your favorite memory/experience since co-finding J Brand?

J Brand: There are so many! Winning the Denim Designer of The Year. Kate Moss and Madonna wearing J Brand. Seeing any girl on the street in J Brand. Getting to make new things everyday that women love to wear.

DenimBlog: Susie, do you have a favorite J Brand cut/wash? and why?

J Brand: The 910 Bruiser and DKV, they are so perfect and I love the tight leg all the way down. My other new favorite is the Henderson, which is a higher waisted bell bottom in rigid denim. I switch off every other day between a skinny and a bell bottom.

DenimBlog: Jeff, since J Brand now has a men’s line, would you like to tell us a bit more about it?

J Brand: We’ve created a men’s line that is a classic timeless line and it’s very masculine. We foresaw the menswear going in that direction. There are no bells and whistles just great classic fits that are updated and it’s all about the washes. There is something for every guy no matter what their age might be.

DenimBlog: J Brand now has lots of different lines, green label, blue label etc. Which has been the most fun to work on?

J Brand: They all bring new challenges and bigger ideas so they are all equal in my mind.

DenimBlog: What J Brand cut has been the most popular overall?

J Brand: Our 912 Pencil leg.

DenimBlog: Are there any new trends coming out next season that we should be keeping an eye out for?

J Brand: Fantastic washes and expanded variations of classics from the past; like The Henderson and Babe (both bell bottoms) and our newest skinny the Marta in a slightly higher rise that is so flattering it is ridiculous!

DenimBlog: The boyfriend jeans trend has been a huge hit this season, will we be seeing anymore of this trend from you?

J Brand: We have a new fit for the boyfriend craze called ÔÇÿQ’. It is cropped and more fitted and still has that slouchy perfect vibe…it is more feminine and flattering.

DenimBlog: We all love denim, but what is it that makes denim so important to you?

J Brand: When I was younger and used to love a top or a shirt the first thing I would say is …’Okay, I can wear this with jeans.’ To me jeans go well with everything and the more you wear them the better they get.

For more information on the history of J Brand click here.


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