Celebs in Denim: Paris Hilton in Siwy


Paris Hilton looked gorgeous in her Siwy Hannah slim crops in snowstorm and flowery top in Hollywood, although this girl looks beautiful in everything she wears. We saw Ashley Tisdale in these jeans not long ago as well. They seem to be growing in popularity lately, I’m not surprised either, they are hot! Perfect for summer and Siwy jeans are always flattering. I’m adding these to my wishlist. On a side note, her Swarovski encrusted purse is dazzling, I love it!

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net


  1. All Paris haters are pathetic, she is breathtaking, wealthy and succesful. Haters are just envious you cannot have exactly what she has. Learn to love your self and you won’t have to talk smack on people you dont actually know. Be happy