Celebs in Denim: Josh Hartnett in April 77


Josh Hartnett strolls through NYC with a mysterious blond, in a pair of April 77 jeans. These jeans are favorite of hipsters as well as Zac Efron. Josh is always adorable but his pants seem like they’re about to fall down!

Images from fadedyouthblog.com and justjared.com


  1. Hi Gahelles, I can try, but I am unsure if they will respond or not. I haven’t spoken with them before. I know this post is really old though, so maybe they don’t do these jeans anymore and that’s why they wont respond?

  2. Hi Lorna,

    I hope that jean is a basic of their collection something still available. They got a bunch of jeans on their website, but its impossible to find the exact same their help would be great.

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