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  1. WHY are you pplz falwoing him hes just a regular guy and nothing elnce he may have tones of money and be super famouse but hes just a guy and THAT is what you have to remember ya we wanna keep them at the top even tho they are livin like they live at the bottom but they are just reguar guyz they brush there teath by there selfs they dress themselfs and they do everything we do so please just dont be all “OOOO theres one of the jonas brothers lets go mob them and take pix!” ya its cool if you just cashualy go up to them and ask for an atograph but mobing isant cool. next time your thinkin bout mobin one of them just think what if you where them but its true they love all there fans and they would most definitly love to meet you all but just make a neat and orderly line so that they know that your there but there not like also at the same time afraid i know that if i was them i would be afraid of being mobed because do you know how many times they have been pulled off a staige or almost kidnaped? whell i dont eather but its probly alot on acount of that there THEE HOTEST BOYBAND OF THE 21st SENTRY. but what do i know im just a fan myself so you dont have to listen to me but i think that it would be just a little more respectful if you did that.
    peace out.

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