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  1. I think that he just wanted some time to get away and just do what he wants he is an adult and he does look good in thoes jeans but you shouldent go gaga over something someone is whereing even if it is incredibal its just a itam. It wont save you from being hert or heart broken it just keeps you from runnin round buttnaked. so ya just because he has thoes jeans doesant mean anything. And maybe with all the camella and him romers he just doesant like it cuz it is posibal that they are just good friends. Maybe he has a rely nice girlfriend that he loves so much that he doesant want the poparzzie LIKE YOU to see and just wants to keep her safe and that is the only way to keep her safe. Did you ever think about that pplz cuz i know that i did and i think that what i just said is so plozibal that i could be a loyer any day of the week.
    -Minie (I am keeping my real identity safe by not putting my real name on here so if you want to let me know eamail me and we can talk about it then but for now peace out)

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