Celebs in Denim: Gwen Stefani in G Star and Gavin Rossdale in PRPS

gwen stefani rossdale 300309

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were seen playing with their sons Kingston and Zuma at Coldwater Canyon Park in Beverly Hills. She is wearing a pair of G Star skinny jeans. I have to say she really wears them well, Gwen seems to look fantastic in anything she wears though, she always adds that sense of uniqueness to her outfits. Gavin is also wearing a pair of PRPS jeans.

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net and Gossipgirl


  1. oh yes her hoodie, skinny jeans and flip flops are sooooooo unique. yes, they look decent on her, but in no way is this a unique outfit.

  2. ^^I was referring mostly to everything else that she wears, like those levi jeans she was in before and all of the other different looking outfits. This outfit is pretty normal but I still think she looks good 🙂