Calvin Klein Launches new “Body” line


Calvin Klein is known for their jeans as well as their underwear, now they’re featuring a new line that combines the best of both worlds. The new line, called the Body Line, will feature styles for both men and women that will focus on enhancing the body, taking hints from their lingerie fit.

Creative Director Kevin Carrigan says the inspiration behind the line was that β€œI wanted to launch a sexy jean for Calvin.” Carrigan also explained that in recent seasons, denim factories have been more concerned with finishes, from embellishments to varying washes, rather than the technology of how the jeans are designed for the body. β€œIt’s a study in fit to make her look sexy,” he said.

He also stated that the styles will also feature other changes. “For example, the yoke seam on the back of the jean is reversed. Instead of being sewn inward, the seam curves outward, following the curve of the body. And while the jeans are low-rise, the prevailing style for several years now, a new innovation here is a piece of elastic in the waistband to prevent unsightly gapping in the back, so that the jean hugs the body.”

The best part is that the price point starts at $79! The line is expected to launch in July.


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  1. I dunno….I don’t think those jeans look that flattering πŸ™ I used to LOVE CK jeans back in my college days when they were “popular” but I haven’t tried a pair since….I wonder if they will have many cuts, because not all bodies are alike πŸ˜‰

  2. I agree with guest 2634, those just aren’t flattering jeans. If they make the models look flat-assed and big, I can’t even imagine what they’ll do to us mere mortals. πŸ˜‰

  3. Saw the “Body” jeans on Eva Mendes and WOW! Where can I by them; the pic’s of the body jeans on this site are poor.

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