What were they thinking: Denim legging edition.

While people frequently substitute leggings for jeans, Juicy Couture has come up with a mix of both. Denim Leggings. They look like jeans but are, in fact, leggings. They’re made of cotton and lycra so they’re super stretchy (like leggings) but have ankle zippers like jeans. These are not to be confused with the Current Elliott denim leggings.


Personally, I don’t think these could be flattering on ANYONE! Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I saw these on the American Apparel website.


High waisted, faux denim leggings? No thank you! I plan to stay far far away!

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  1. Those are hot! You are clearly not up with the times if you think this is a travesty.
    Denim is cotton. And ALL girls jeans that are not raw denim HAVE lycra. At least 2 percent. Do your research and you’d know.

  2. im a guy, and i personally think denim leggings are kinda cool (not the AA ones)
    my co-worker wore one to work one day, and they look great on her =)

  3. you all don’t know what you’re talking about

    they’re the SAME THING

    spandex is the generic name, elastaine is the fiber and lycra is the brand name trademark originally registered by DuPont and now controlled by Invista

    none of you guys should be writing for this blog

  4. Hey Jesse, I was reading your blog a few days ago and I got a virus on my computer on it. Then I finally got it cleaned today and went to check the blog again and started the virus all over again, that is how I knew it came from Denimology…you guys gotta fix that because that was pretty lame 🙁

  5. ok I about shit bricks LOL I’ve never had an issue with viruses, if that would have been my home computer I would have been majorly SCREWED….good thing it was at work where I can make other people fix it for me 😉