What makes the perfect pair of jeans?


So it got me thinking, buying the perfect pair of jeans is actually really hard! You might fall in love with one pair but the rise is too high or too low, the fit is no good, the wash could be better, you don’t like the material content… The list is endless. I’m interested to know what makes the perfect pair of jeans for you blog readers? Is it specifically the fit you look and fall for? Or is it the washes that have you smitten? Perhaps even the pocket designs that make you lust over them? For me I have to say it’s all about the fit. Finding the perfect fitting pair of jeans is so difficult; getting them to fit in the waist as well as in the thighs, getting the rise to be perfect as well, fit has to be great. I also do love the washes, if a wash is awful but the fit is wonderful I won’t buy them. So get commenting and let us know what makes you tick!


  1. Well, if you find the perfect pair of jeans, enjoy them for years but always remember that they will eventually die. And so the hunt for the next perfect pair of jeans continues because fit and wash will vary over the years. Even with 501’s.

    Fit is most important. I have three pairs of the same fit in different washes (black, faded, raw denim).

  2. I think the fit and the color/wash make the jeans “a perfect pair”…once you find the variety for your wardrobe, you can come up with all sorts of combinations for any season.

  3. i think as long as you’re thin, you look great in any type of jeans. just looking at models sporting their own outfits during fashion week, some of them wear cheap denim such as Cheap Monday and Levis and they still look good in them. not to mention the fact that Emmanuelle Alt, Fashion Director from Vogue Paris, uses mostly Topshop jeans for editorials.

    this is Model Ana Selezneva sporting Topshop ankle skinny jeans and she makes me want to have her jeans.

  4. Just my opinion but I think she’s too thin, the jeans don’t really fit her properly. I’m more for curvy girls looking great in denim as it shows off their shape and butt etc 😀

  5. models are supposed to be thin and these jeans might be too tight but she still pulls it off.

  6. Yeah I know they are supposed to be thin 🙂 It helps model the clothes better. I always wondered, do they make sure the models are really thin and most of the time plain looking without much make up etc to make sure the focus is on the clothes and not the model?

  7. the question is what makes the perfect pair of jeans. well every thing has to be just how you like it to be perfect. the rise the hem the wash the stitch even the size of the back pockets so not just one thing can make the jeans perfect. it has to be everything. for me its the imperial denim*self edge blacks.

  8. honestly the fit is just as important if not more than what the denim actually looks like. i see waaaay too many people with awesome jeans but they fit HORRIBLY. i mean.. whats the point in buying designer denim when they dont even flatter your body? for me since im thin and dont have a huge butt the placement of the back pockets are the most important.. years ago i would buy true religions, frankies and sevens just for the look ..and i thought i just had to accept that id never look perfect in jeans.. but it wasnt me, it was the jeans..the pockets specifically. the pockets of those jeans are waaaay too low and dont flatter a butt that actually needs the flattering. so ive been opting for citizens and jbrand and at last… my butt looks rounder and overall better. aside from the pockets.. the jeans just have to look good on me.. but i dont have anymore preferences. i love it though because i can tell if a pair of jeans is even worth trying on just by looking at them, because of the space of the top of the pocket to the top of the pant.

  9. Jessica Stam likes her jeans stretchy and me too. stretchy jeans make me thin as opposed to non stretchy jeans.

    from teenvogue.com beauty blog section

    [And Chlo├® jeans. I really like these jeans because they’re a little boot cut and they’re really comfortable. My other favorite jeans brands are Rag and Bone and Dior Homme. I like jeans that are so stretchy they practically feel like spandex!”]