What is your favorite Diesel Cut and Wash?


In the last poll Diesel jeans took the lead by a mile as your favorite brand of denim. So, now here comes the question – If you could only pick one cut and one wash as your most loved pair of Diesel jeans, which would it be? I think for myself, I would pick Matic as my favorite cut because its best suited to my body shape and my favorite wash has to be 61X. Unfortunately, 61X never came in Matic but I think it would be so hot if it did! So go ahead and start commenting, you never know Diesel may eventually bring out your favorite wash in your most preferred cut if it doesn’t already exist!


  1. Slammers fit me the best, unfortunately, I don’t really like those zippers. I would say that my favorite jeans is newer cut of Slammer that has no zipper at the back and the Wash is 61E

  2. I think the Liv cut fits me best…not sure what wash I would like though. I like dark washes without any extreme distressing.