PRVCY’s Pretty Popular

PRVCY Premium is gaining serious footing in Hollywood. Check out the celebs in their PRVCY Premium jeans! I wish I had a pair! What do you think? Are they on your “to buy” list?


  1. This blog is terribly addictive lol. I have to check it on a daily basis. I even check it on my Blackberry.

    That said, I like how PRVCY fits on chicks.

  2. The Hollywood starlet’s uniform:

    1. Sunglasses as you conspicuously try to be anonymous.

    2. Big ol’ scarf.

    3. Designer jeans of some kind.

    4. Coffee cup.

    5. Big overpriced bag hanging from your arm.

  3. i’m not against this brand but i prefer jeans that have plain pocket like J Brand and CURRENT/ELLIOTT.

    mopritt: Eva Longoria Parker did go to college. oh, they make money that we’ll never have in our whole life so why should they go to college? lol.