Celebs in Denim: Katie Price in True Religion shorts


Katie Price aka Jordan was seen in True Religion cutoff shorts after E! decided not to show anymore episodes of her reality show. The show was called “Katie and Peter” and focused on how they balance their careers, family life and still find time for each other. They are known to be Britain’s hottest celebrity couple; Katie is a model and Peter Andre is a musician. Those TRs look made for showing those model legs off!

Photos Courtesy of SplashNews


  1. no wonder why E! doesn’t want to show her show anymore. She looks like such trash. Plus who the hell is she?? Never seen her before.

  2. Shes one of the most famous people over here in the UK, she started out as a glamour model named Jordan and made a name for herself and she may dress really tarty but she is really down to earth and honest person 🙂

  3. Ahh so she’s like the UK version of Paris Hilton…I looked her up online and she’s like a porn star or something..what! Im sorry but she just looks so fake fake fake to me..and slutty 🙁

  4. ^^ Glamour model, which is close to but not quite a porn star 🙂 She used to have like size G boobs but shes recently had a reduction lol.

  5. Katie is amazing. She is so beautiful and talented. She is a model, author, actress, and singer. Katie is not only the most beautiful woman in the world but she is really cool and down to earth. I love Katie !!! She is AWESOME!!!!!

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