Celebs in Denim: Cameron Diaz in Adriano Goldschmied Jeans


Cameron Diaz was spotted getting her hair done wearing a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans. She pairs her light washed, distressed jeans with a new do and a pair of slouchy gray boots. I think it’s a perfect look for casual surfer girl Cameron!


Images from Fadedyouthblog.com


  1. I don’t quite get it what is it about AG that people go nuts for? It looks like another pair of Abercrombie or Hollister jeans to me, it isn’t selvage denim, isn’t as nice, design-wise, as Rock Republic or Taverinity, yet it cost an eye-watery, nosebleed, goose-bump everywhere $200 at least a pair.

  2. RT-I don’t own any other AGs, those are the only AGs I like for the wash. The wash is pretty cool 😀 I wish it was darker though…

  3. 😀 regarding le smoking, I wasn’t mentioning girl’s jeans at all, I was mainly talking about the reason that I can’t justify from AG to price their jeans that high. So neither the selvage denim for girls matter, nor the long last attribute. All I need is an answer: why is AG jeans more expensive than, let’s say paper denim & cloth? ( PDC have great fit, nice material that actually last me 3 years now, and cost less than $200).