Celebs in Denim: Brad Pitt in Hoyle Jackson


Brad Pitt took Shiloh and Zahara out shopping for toys in Washington DC. Brad is wearing a hot pair of Hoyle Jackson jeans (thank you to Ben for correctly ID’ing these jeans). Jennifer Aniston was also recently seen in these jeans, I wonder if Brad stole them back from her?


Images courtesy of splashnews.com


  1. Wow, not a Brad Pitt fan but he looks good. Shiloh totally reminds me of Angelina even with the blonde hair.

  2. Looks like an old pair of Gap jeans I used to have in the early 2000s. I don’t see anything really special about this brand. Most of the washes and fits I’ve seen look like ass…especially when compared to a tried and true brand like Diesel.

  3. I actually think these are Hoyle Jackson jeans that he is wearing. Check their website for comparisons…they look very similar to these.

  4. Oppps Sorry, I was sure they were PRPS, looks like he might have stole those back from Jennifer Aniston then LOL

  5. These jeans are horrible and look horrible on him it doesnt even match the rest of the clothes.