2 Pairs of Jeans = 1 Original Denim Blazer


Etsy is one of the most amazing sites on the internet. You can spend hours there looking through all the items, and its a great place to showcase your own items if you are an aspiring designer!

Today I found this one. I was shocked by the seamstresses talent and the denim blazer’s beauty. This denim craftsmanship can’t be denied! Doesn’t this look like something you’d see on ShopBop?

This fun blazer is made of two pairs of jeans by House of Spy and Luscious– both very expensive jeans to start with! I used the buttons from one pant as the front closure. The shoulders have what used to be the back pockets (usable)! I maintained the frayed look of the cotton/linen blend Luscious jeans all along the jacket in a symmetric pattern. For a unique look, I stitched the collar down. Everything is carefully topstitched all around in white thread. The inside seams are finished in a variety of blue toned bias plus I stitched skull ribbon along the inside hem.

This will best fit a Large or XL. Indeed, this is the only reason I am parting with it! The model shown usually wears size 10/12. The jacket should fit up to a 43 bust. Let me know if you have sizing questions.

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