Williams Rast Fall/Winter 2009

From the New York Post:

Man, is Justin Timberlake lucky he’s cute. Not that his fall 2009 William Rast collection – a partnership between Timberlake, childhood friend Trace Ayala and creative directors Marcella and Johan Lindeberg – was bad. It wasn’t. But it could have easily been last season’s spring show in a different venue. Timberlake and company chose to show their wares in the Bryant Park tent this year, as opposed to last year’s Roseland venue.

Having said that, Timberlake, Ayala and the Lindeberg truly understand the sexiness of a studded leather jacket, a plaid shirt and some well placed leather fringe. And the denim – as usual – is trendy, inventive and interesting. The biker bar feel and acid wash skinny jeans were a combination we could get used to on boys and girls. But the shoulder pads – on everything from a white button down with bead detailing and a denim blouse – gave us ’80s flashbacks we’d rather not re-live.

Yeah, my mom wore those gigantic shoulder pads in the 80’s. It was so trendy and made women into real live feminists not cute.

images via coutouture.com


  1. The black skirt is quite cute too, I like the little detailing in the middle that serves as a transition between to two contrasting fabrics. Those shoulder pads though, have got to go.