Celebs in Denim: The Shannon Twins in Hollister

Um, like totally fur shuuuure Karissa and Kristina, those like um, Shannon twins, they like totally hit the jackpot as Hugh Hefner’s new girlfriends after Holly and Kendra split. They are wearing Hollister jeans.

Seems like after the success of ‘The Girls Next Door’, he’s not as giving with the mansion mula. Why else would they be wearing Hollister? When do they get the Louis Vuitton bags and sports cars?

images via dlisted.com


  1. I used to love Hollister jeans until they started making their jeans for girls with no butts. I’m a size 26 but have a huge bum and it’s so hard to find jeans that actually fit. It’s like I have to try on sizes that are too big in the waist…needless to say, I can’t and don’t shop there anymore. Which I don’t think is a bad thing ha ha..

  2. Haha.
    I noticed those hollister pockets when i saw the pictures too.

    but no really, HCO has some nice fits. just when there not ripped 100%.

  3. Definitely shouldn’t be shopping there after high school for sure. I always feel SO bad when I am at the mall and I see teenagers with their moms wearing Hollister. Not much worse fashion wise than mutton-dressed-as-lamb

  4. Hollister/Abercrombie fit me great! People in the real world wear them all the time and consider them decent jeans.