Trend Spotting: Jet Thrasher Jeans

We all know that the ripped trend is in big time, first it was Current/Elliott’s boyfriend jeans that have been all the rage. But now the spotlight has turned to Jet jeans, who many celebs are wearing, with their skinny version of the ripped/destroyed jean, called the Thrasher. You can find Jet jeans at Singer22. What do you think of the Jet Thrasher jean, sported below by Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton and Nicole Richie below?

Skinny ripped denim: Do or Don't?

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  1. I cant give an honest answer to your question, because Lindsey looks HORRIBLE in these jeans!!! It looks like she went looking for clothing in her girlfriends closet. She a style-changer by relationship. I like skinny-ripped… but this style aint cuttin it! EW!

  2. I also liked ripped jeans, but these just overdo it….I like the more natural looking ripped jeans….

  3. The jeans look horrible on Lindsay Lohan…She’s too skinny and those are skin tight (especially with those shoes)!

    But I like the way that Nicole and Nicky wear their pair. They balanced the bottom with a more loose top.