What is your favorite denim cut?

As you know there are so many different cuts out there to suit everyone, from low rise skinnies to high rise flares. What I want to know is what is your favorite cut of all time? If you could only pick one pair of jeans which cut would you pick? Skinny? Bootcut? I myself would pick the skinny cut as its most suited to my body shape.

Going through pictures of celebs I begin to see they all seem to have favorite cuts as well, Vanessa Hudgens for example loves skinny jeans. Jessica Alba seems to love boyfriend jeans or flared jeans. Beyonce loves skinnies and Jessica Simpson just loves them all, I really think though she should stick to skinnies and bootcuts, wearing those high rised flared jeans recently was a big mistake. But she looks fantastic in the right fitting jeans!

Here are some pics of celebs in different cuts. As we can see – wearing the right cut for your body can take pounds off of your appearance and really flatter your figure.

If you had to only have one pair of jeans, what kind would they be?

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