LOIS Jeans Lookbook

In the decade of the 50’s two brothers from Valencia, Spain, started a clothing business. LOIS jeans began in Spain at the beginning of the 60’s when three young men, ”the Saez Merino brothers”, opened a cloth mill. They produced denim only to cater working class population. In 1962 LOIS was born as a denim jeans label. LOIS became the European equivalent of Levi’s jeans.

Has anyone out there heard of this line or maybe even own the line? Curious…


  1. I like. Not all of it… but the black jacket with the bright blue pants… and another couple around it made me “believe” 🙂

  2. just bought one a few days ago for only 10 euros (they’re on sale). the good thing is that it’s a raw denim, let’s see how it holds up in the next 6 months without wash

  3. I bought them in Spain.
    Lois isn’t exactly a well known brand so if you’re planning to get one of Lois raw denim then good luck finding one Jessie.

    I didn’t even noticed when I bought them that its a raw denim. I bought them simply because I’m not really into pre-washed or pre-distressed denim. The paper tag didn’t say anything except that the color will bleed.

    It’s super dark blue, stiff, and recently I noticed that the indigo dye bleed on my plain white t-shirt (haven’t wash my jeans at all). So I guess it’s my luck finding one cheap raw denim.

    A tip: if you plan to buy a raw denim, make sure that you rub it with a piece of paper. Since the denim isn’t pre-washed the dye tend to bleed on the paper.

    Are you sure you’re into the raw jeans “washing technique?”. some people might consider that as umm…..having undesirable smell. LOL

    What, in the 70’s it’s what western Europeans wore. They’re sold in over 150 countries and were at one point in time the 4th largest Jeans brand, after the three Americans, Levi’s Rangler and Lee.
    They have a stitching on the back pockets that looks similar to that on Levi’s, so in the late sixties, Levi’s sued Lois for patent and Logo infringement, it was never resolved in court and thus The Lois brand was never sold in The US.
    In 2006 Lois filed bankruptcy to reorganize. The family had always been proud that their Jeans were actually made in Spain (and didn’t change that) and with the competition all having moved production to Asia, it was just not viable any longer. They reorganized and now Lois is made overseas as well. They used to pay endorsements to so many rock stars, Rod Stewart is one who comes to mind but there were many. European teenagers large buying their clothes in small local boutiques, Lois would issue 250 full size posters of a rock star in Lois Jeans, and when you bought your Jeans you would get a free poster with it of Rod Stewart or whatever celebrity they had the latest contract with. You had to buy quick, so your boutique was not out of posters yet. This was a legendary marketing tool of Lois. I want to buy some on-line (anywhere in the world) cannot find my size, 36X36.

  5. Hi Paul Bras.
    You offer a good, interesting background roundup of the ORIGINAL Spanish Lois. The Company-‘Tycesa’ started Lois UK in 1973. I was the Midland Sales Agent from that time ’till mid 80s. All the product at that period of time was from Lois Spanish production,- fabric through to finished garments. We called the dark denim DARKWASH and Raw Denim as such was not a seller at all, as I best recall . I have a pair of electric blue ‘Flint’ cords36x34…the original late70s early 80s jumbo cords made so infamous on the football terraces of that time. Let me know if you are interested, perhaps via e bay.