Ksubi’s Designer Duo Take Artistic License


Ksubi designers Dan Single (far left) and George Gorrow with model Whitney wearing the brightly painted jeans they made.

What You’ll Need

  • one pair each of white and black jeans in identical styles
  • white and primary-color oil-based paint
  • a palette for mixing
  • a flat, wide paintbrush
  • x-acto knife, needle, and strong black thread

Step 1: let it rip

Using an X-Acto knife, cut the white jeans along the side seams so that the front and back halves are separated. Do the same with the black jeans.


Step 2: mix-a-lot

Mix the primary-color paints with white for a palette of bright pastels. Next, lay the front half of the white jeans faceup and apply abstract streaks up and down the entire surface.


step three: the whole story

Allow time to dry, then sew the painted front half to the black back half with the needle and thread. (Optional: Repeat these steps with the other two halves for a second pair of customized jeans!)


from teenvogue

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