How to Wear High Waisted Denim

Check out this guest blog from Jaime over at RedTagCrazy! We love this denim diva!

It went on my list of reasons why it’s great to be a chick (partially because, these days, you do see guys in skinny jeansÔǪ), and they’re in my denim closet. You don’t own a pair, and you’ve been debating on it for some time now. Why would you get them, how would you wear them, and are they really for you?

High-Waisted Denim (or, HWD) is a great look for a lot of women, but honestly, there are some who just can’t pull it off. This isn’t your fault, and, most of the time, it’s the girls who can wear low-cut jeans better than the hourglass girls like me who can’t wear theseÔǪ so it really does even out in the end. I’ve decided that’s the reason why me and Frankie B. jeans just aren’t friendsÔǪ my butt doesn’t want all that design on it. It gets confused.

HWDs look best on girls with hourglass, apple and banana figures, while pear-shaped ladies are better off with a lower cut style, as the HWD emphasizes the butt a bit more than most of you would like.

For those of you looking to give yourself a silhouette that elongates the look of your legs, HWD that is fitted more like a skinny jean is the best bet for you. The Rich and Skinny HWD on RTC is going to be a great way to try out this new style fashionably, but without breaking the bank. It’s a dark denim (flattering in its own right), with a slim fit that, when added to a pair of black stilettos and a sexy, tucked in blouse, can be the best look out there for a Friday night party. You’ll look sexy without looking slutty, classy without looking snotty, and everyone will be in awe of how tiny your waist looks.

The other end of the HWD is the wide legged style. This is comfort defined. For starters, any bit of muffin top that you may encounter with your other jeans is nonexistent in this style, and is my answer for the boyfriend jean that I refuse to buy. Paired with some espadrilles, flip-flops, or loafers (mine seem to always end up being worn with my Tod’s cream-colored loafers, but I’m not sure whyÔǪ probably just the balance of comfort all over) and either a snugly fit tank top or loose t-shirt, this is your “Sure honey, I’ll make the guacamole, let’s just chill out and watch football today!” outfit, as well as your stylish, beach-boho friendly look that works coast-to-coast.

In fact, all this talk has made me decide that it’s a HWD day for me. My flared Ever HWD, gray Vince Ribbed Tank, black Aude hoodie (just in case I actually go outside!) and Jessica Simpson espadrillesÔǪ sounds like a kickass outfit to me!

Now, if only it were 68 degrees here in DenverÔǪ”


If you haven’t checked out Jaime and the blog over at RedTagCrazy – get on over there! And check out their fab deals while you are at it on Paige Premium Denim, AG jeans, Rich & Skinny and more! New sales come online every HOUR!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I’m not sure if I’d still go for this style as I’m rather short-waisted, but it’d be interesting to try on at least.


    Kate MOss’s jeans are by Ghost and Topshop had copied them before. when i was in London in the summer of 2006, i saw many girls sporting these Topshop jeans. however they don’t have model’s body and these jeans make them so fat! there’re bumps everywhere from stomach to thighs. i know it’s harsh but if any girls want to look good in any type of jeans they should be thin at first.

  3. I have a long torso, so I think HWD looks good on me, as long as it has a wide leg, b/c it balances out my torso and leg line without making me look like an ice cream cone. Of course, if it’s TOO high (i.e. hits right under the bust) that’s another store. It’s all about scale and balance, not about being thin.