How are Jeans Made?

I came across this video and I thought it would be really good to share with you denim lovers! I think its fascinating how jeans are made in the factory. I know they say certain brands are distressed by hand, but this video shows a pair of jeans being made in 12 minutes…do you think the $300+ price tag on some of our favorite brands is worthwhile, knowing a pair is produced in 12 minutes?


  1. that is the stupidest video ive ever seen in my life, if you know anything about denim and jeans…you know that it takes more then 12 minutes to make a jeans……pretty stupid for the discovery chanel

  2. Well even if it takes only 12 minutes, you have all that denim material and the capitol equipment cost for the machines, labor isn’t the only cost involved….I found it interesting that there is some good automation though!

  3. Why is it stupid? Why would you think it’d take any longer? That’s the way of the world. And Lorna, my answer to your question is no. I don’t spend $300, but even at half that it’s still too much.
    Cool video, tho!

  4. Dont blame you, i dont know many people who pay retail 🙂 I guess it counts when they hand distress each pair and what kind of denim they use etc, i liked the video its really interesting.

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