Gerlan Jeans Fall/Winter 2009



Patricia Field hosted (in her own home!) the runway show for Gerlan Jeans in typical over-the-top finery. The collection hit the major hallmarks of the early 90’s. Think oversized denim jackets, Lego colors, nylon backpacks, and baseball caps. Now think of each of those taken to the extreme. Denim jackets printed with childish cartoon characters, fanny packs printed with the Gerlan Jeans name (which reminded me of just how 90’s that name is), and not just one hat, but 5 at a time stacked.

As always, Patricia Field knows how to throw a good party. And if you weren’t prepared before, get ready for a 90’s comeback. Since I was a kid in the early 90’s, I wasn’t wearing grunge or punk, this is more up my alley. Kids Incorporated, here we come.

I think I feel another Current/Elliott type fashion rage rumbling if you know what I mean….

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  1. I dunno, I never really like Patricia Field’s designs, they’re just too wacky and sometimes tasteless. Maybe one item will be diluted enough, but wearing any more than that would just be too much.

  2. This isn’t Patricia Field’s design, MizzJ. It’s Gerlan Marcel’s.

    “Patricia Field hosted (in her own home!) the runway show for Gerlan Jeans”