Denim Tech Photography


I shot these photos at a denim factory in Kentucky that specializes in distressing high-end jeans for a few top designers. I used to scoff at paying a premium for jeans that come with holes in them already. Then I saw just how much work goes into distressing jeans, and I realized that these people are artists. You can’t just have any loose threads, you have to have the right loose threads. They can’t just be faded. They have to be the right color. A lot of work goes into making these jeans look just right.”

Click on each image in the gallery to see them in all their glory! 😉


  1. Isnt is true though? You can screw up a pair of jeans and theres no going back! Most people dont realize the difficulty! I love distressed denim!

  2. Yeah sometimes I forget about how much workmanship goes into a perfectly distressed pair. Some designers do it better than others, but it really is an art. Thanks for posting this Jessie 😉