Danielle Panabaker does a photoshoot in Denim Shorts


One for the guys – Friday the 13th actress Danielle Panabaker does a sexy photo shoot for GQ magazine to promote her new movie in a pair of denim hotpants. She admits it was really scary going through the woods in a mini skirt! The film premiered last week and hit number 1 at the box office and has reached up to $42.2 million so far! You can read the rest here.

(Editor Liane’s note: I saw the movie ON Friday the 13th on an iMax screen, and it was so cheesy we were laughing through the entire thing, but there are a lot of gratuitous boob shots in there, so the guys will enjoy it! I give it only 2 stars – save it for when it comes out on DVD!)

Images courtesy of justjared.com


  1. Well, the pictures of the “model” in the hot denim pants is indeed HOT! But, as far as the movie goes, it’s only a 3rd line movie. Not much of substance. But, as the editor had said, probably only the guys will like it.