CONTEST – Win a free pair of AG Adriano Goldschmied’s Ex-Boyfriend jeans!

Do you love the boyfriend jean trend? Now’s your chance to try it for free! We have teamed up with AG Adriano Goldschmied to give away a pair of their new AG Ex-Boyfriend Jean in the 17 year wash – the same pair seen recently on celebs like Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis and Charlize Theron! If you haven’t tried AG jeans before, what are you waiting for? I love their denim – I own at least 4 or 5 pairs. They are super soft and look great with anything!

Here’s how to enter. Post a comment in this blog and tell us why we should choose you and what you love about these AG Adriano Goldschmied Ex-Boyfriend jeans! Get creative! We’ll choose a winner on Friday, the 13th at 5pm EST and announce it here on the blog! And yes, we are taking international entries on this one! Good luck.


  1. I dont know if mods can enter so if we can heres mine:

    I would love to win a pair of AG jeans because ive never really tried the really ripped boyfriendy look before and i have always wanted too, if i were going to pick a brand it would be AG after seeing them on many celebs i think they look great ๐Ÿ™‚ I would be honoured to win a pair. Adriano Goldschmied is great, i give them an 8 out of 8, the fit the look the wash too, oh how i would love to win you ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. (Joan Jett & the Blackhearts – I Love Rock and Roll)

    I saw him standing there in his worn in jeans
    I know he looked a bit like a fashion queen
    His body was lean and long
    Very muscular and strooooong

    And I knew it wouldn’t be long til those were with me
    (Yeah Me)
    And I knew it wouldn’t be long til those were with me
    (Yeah Me Singing!)

    I love my boyfriend’s jeans
    So buy another pair and gimme those baby
    I love my Boyfriend’s jeans
    So let me try them on and let me see

    I tried on a pair of these just last week
    I loved the jeans but my heart felt so weak
    The price made me cry
    So I took a big ol’ sighhhhh
    And I knew it wouldn’t be long til those were with me
    (Yeah Me)
    And I knew it wouldn’t be long til those were with me
    (Yeah Me Singing!)

    I love my boyfriend’s jeans
    So buy another pair and gimme those baby
    I love my Boyfriend’s jeans
    So let me try them on and let me see

  3. I think I should “win” these ex-boyfriend jeans because I can honestly say that this will be the LAST ex-boyfriend that will be touching my bootie! I am getting married April 2nd but I will be ecstatic to take this boyfriend on my honeymoon! Pick me!

  4. I would love to win the AG exboyfriend jeans because I would love to try them! The look cute and comfy!

  5. These are the best jeans I have seen in the boyfriend style! Love Love Love them! I’ve been wanting to purchase these for awhile, but I cant afford to pay retail ๐Ÿ™ So, I just go to Shopbop and drool over them in the store! I’ve tried this on like…5 times already!!! I think I’m becoming a stalker now ๐Ÿ™‚

    I adore how the distressing looks-real vintage, not fake like some slashed jeans. These are going to be a must have for summer, especially paired with gladiators, cute peep toes, or even laid back fringe moccasins. The boyfriend style is really heating up on my campus! The celebs look amazing in these too. I think they would be perfect for a casual spring day, and warmer weather’s not too far off! Oh no, I couldn’t wait I’d have to wear these with some stylish boots. I would love to add another style to my jeans wardrobe, as its broke just like me. Please give a poor college girl a chance at this fabulous fashion piece!! I would be so greatful to have incredibly honored. I could pair them with so much whether I’m going out or just laying low!

    everyone’s in on the jean cult
    fancy fancy blue jeans
    working behind the counter
    or struttin it in the streets

    I can tell a lot by your back pockets
    when you go on walkin by
    are you a fashionista, like me?
    do you like your jeans dirty or pressed clean?
    in sulty skinny or fancy flare
    buxom boyfriend cuts and wicked wide legs

    im lookin at your pockets!
    sometimes I can’t take my eyes off them
    see that denim does this crazy little
    thing to me
    i want, i crave, i need
    fancy fancy blue jeans!

    So, oh dear AG boyfriend jeans
    please win yourself to ME ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for taking the time to read my entry,

  6. I NEED these because if I don’t get them for her, my girlfriend will leave me. I can’t have that. She’s my everything, plus then this $20,000 engagement ring would have to get returned and I don’t want to deal with the 5% return fee. So, PLEASE save me the $1,000 and GIVE ME THE JEANS!

    I will love and cherish you for it always and forever.

  7. I’ll be a blue jeaned baby queen, prettiest thing you’ve ever seen in these ripped AG ex-boyfriend jeans!
    Also, since you’re announcing the winner on Friday the 13th, I figure that will break my not-ever-winning-anything streak! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. As inspired by the great Elizabeth Barrett Browning, a simple ode to these jeans:

    How do I love AG ex-boyfriend jeans? Let me count the ways.
    I love thee for the wash and the rips and the fit
    I love thee for no unsightly baggy crotch
    I love thee for no diaper bubble butt
    I love thee for a petite-friendly cut
    But most of all, I shall love thee better if you were mine

    Thanks for the opportunity Denimblog ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I’d really like to win these jeans because I’ve never tried this style, but mostly because here in Italy I think the brand is not sold, so I guess this is my only change to wear a pair of AG jeans!

  10. i need these babies in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

    these are on my most wanted list!! i want a beautiful pair of boyfriend jeans and AGs are my FAV!!!

    i would pair them with my chucks and a sailor jerry tee for casual summer. for dressy-sexy i would do them up with some platforms and a flowy blouse ๐Ÿ™‚

    please pick me!
    vote for me ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Being in the faraway Southern Hemisphere means we are often kept waiting for that extra bit longer… for everything….

    For music.
    For movies.
    For mail.
    For flights.
    For fashion.
    For current season stock.
    For our online shopping to arrive….

    Thatโ€™s if it arrives at all!!

    Needless to say, the boyfriend jean as a style in itself hasnโ€™t yet hit Sydney, Australia… (!!!!)
    And stockists for AG jeans here are few and far between.

    Pretty please pick me and help me be one of the first to be rockinโ€™ Sydney in these HOT AGโ€™s!!!!!!! <3

  12. Love the look of the boyfriend jeans especially since they are made by AG. Would really like to win a pair. I have three kids and their clothing comes first. After I pay bills I don’t have anything left over to buy myself clothes. I would love to own a pair for the spring.

  13. Allow me to wear this amazing pair of jeans as my first official boyfriend jeans! I also wanted some distressed jeans (was going to distress some of my older jeans by hand) because I think they add alot of character. AG jeans are my favorite designer denim!!

    All my friends have bfs… or even husbands… or girlfriends.. or sexfriends. T_T I have my AG denims.

  14. Oh and that bike I got hit by the car with? That was stolen right before x-mas break. AHHAAAAAAAAHHAHAHA I have no money because my parents can’t help me and I work with 7 college courses.

    no really I really need somebody to cheer me up.

  15. And sorry for taking over the board but what I love about these jeans:
    1. Light wash- I have too many medium washes! I need a lighter wash to stand out from the crowd and from my denims. I also want a light denim for spring/ summer.

    2. distress- I really wanted a jean that looks casual yet vintage. these do it!

    3. cut- I love how its not just a bootcut or a skinny jean like how everybody has them these days. These jeans are so unique and beautiful!

    sorry for taking over the board, you see how much I want them??

  16. You know you are a true jean fanatic when you spend countless hours browsing through your denimblog and then rushing to the mall to try to find those designer jeans that are so talked about! =) In times like these when money is scarce, it is never a set back to go after those jeans that fit like no other clothing piece in your closet. Denim is my therapy! I am always after new cuts, new fits and when I find them, I BUY THEM and enjoy them! I follow this blog daily and I can honestly say that the brands that you spot, are truly awsome and really fit. What would I do without you? =) I’ve read a lot about AG and I know that the pair of AG Ex-Boyfriends jeans are going to look FABULOUS next to my Rich&Skinny boyfriend! I rarely enter contests because I’ve never won one, but yours is definitely one I wouldn’t miss trying.
    Again, jeans are my life and they are the ones that make me feel gorgeous at any time of the day: when I am at work, when I am working at the bar on the weekends, on my first dates, when I am out with my dogs, etc…and I would love to own the AG Ex-Boyfriend jeans and enjoy them all spring/summer long!

  17. J’adore AG jeans!!!!! I don’t think that I have ever worn anything like them before, I can’t stop buying them:)I should win this because I don’t have a BF that I can share jeans withi, and knowing this is a generic response, non-the-less it is true:( I was trying to find a pair in the local store, but unfortunately they were not carrying this style, so in hopes of wearing this pair of jeans next weekend (picture my fingers crossed!!!) I beg you, please, please, please let me win the best brand of jeans EVER!!!!!!!!!!


  18. 10 Reasons why I should win this AG ExBoyfriend jean for my wife!

    1. Because she has drove me insane all day about wanting this pair of jeans and to win the contest in DenimBlog!
    2. Because from hearing it all day long, I know more about Adriano than my mother… =)
    3. Because I know she will absolutely go crazy if she knows I won it! =)
    4. Because I know she will look fabulous on them
    5. Because I kept hearing all day long that I should get her a pair for Valentines day if she doesn’t win the contest and we are broke!
    6. Because all she does all day long is talk about jean brands and wants to show me pictures of the ones she would buy. I can assure you all that AG is one of those brands and she doesn’t own one.
    7. Because this pair of AG will make her feel like she is on a runway 24/7. That’s the explanation she gives me when I ask her why she spent so much on a pair of jeans.
    8. Because this would truly be a great Valentines present for her
    9. Because I don’t want her using my jeans!! =) She’s now all about “the boyfriend style” jeans.
    10. Because this is the only “Ex-Boyfriend” that I will let her be close to. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I know she will laugh at this, but I she is THIS special to me. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.


  20. I wish I could borrow my boyfriend’s jeans to really get the boyfriend look going, but he wears skinny jeans! I love it – he looks hot – but wearing his jeans would certainly not give me the right look for spring!

    I recently bought some cute ballet flats by Pour la Victoire. They are woven out of bubblegum pink leather, have a cute bow near the front, and a delicate ankle strap with a buckle closure. They are so cute with a skirt or dress, but I want to give them some sexy edge by wearing them with these boyfriend jeans and a tank top. The jeans are the perfect spring shade of blue to go with those shoes, and the spring weather that has already found its way here to Charleston!

    These jeans are perfect – they look like they have already been loved for years. The distressing is so casual and realistic, not contrived or overdone as in many other jeans. The wash, as I said before, is amazing! Such a pretty sky blue to tone down the toughness of the jean and suit the flirty mood of spring. And they look buttery soft – I don’t know if I could wear anything else if I actually won these.

    I have been watching Isla Fischer’s style lately and she is my new favorite denim diva. I don’t think anyone rocks the destroyed boyfriend jean as well as she does! She always looks so good – casual yet classy – and she is my inspiration for wearing boyfriend jeans this spring and summer. Please pick me so I can fulfill my denim dreams!

    Oh, and Happy Valentines Day to you and all the readers!

  21. So many entries:/ I didn’t forget about you though Denimblog (the site that I go to FIRST every time I go on my computer)! Oh I love you! Pick me ladies, pretty please! None of these other people can have MY ex-boyfriend, keep your hands off AG! He’s mine ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. BTW-My honeymoon is in Greece and Italy! My AG Ex-Boyfriends will get a free trip to Europe if them become my Early Valentine! ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. This would be a really great wedding gift from


    My Previous Post:
    “I think I should โ€œwinโ€ these ex-boyfriend jeans because I can honestly say that this will be the LAST ex-boyfriend that will be touching my bootie! I am getting married April 2nd but I will be ecstatic to take this boyfriend on my honeymoon! Pick me!”

  23. I LOVE the ripped up/boyfriend jeans look. I can’t really afford every new trend because I’m a student but winning a pair of AG would definitely be a great way to try something new! They’d look so cute rolled up with a white plain tank. Or a AA deep v shirt. And a brown cross-body leather bag with brown sandals… See – I’ve already got the look all planned out! Or even with short boots – โ”œรก la Katie Holmes. Anyway – I think they’d look great on me and would give me a chance to get a fun, not a can-I-wear-this-at-work, different, comfy pair of jeans.

    Cheers ๐Ÿ˜€


  24. Why you should pick me –
    I’m currently studying at the University of Edinburgh, which despite being a mecca for fashionistas, has yet to be hit by the boyfriend trend! I am IN LOVE with the boyfriend jean, and I’m absolutely certain that the Scots would die for these – they seriously need a break from the skinny jean and ballet flat routine.

    What’s so amazing about the AG jean –
    OK I have to admit that the current/elliot boyfriend is going to “the classic” boyfriend, but I’ve withheld buying a pair because they’re just too loose. I’m usually a small 24 so a 23 would just be a bit too baggy for my liking. The AG boyfriend has the same feel of a boyfriend jean… It’s has the right distressing and broken in feel to it, yet it’s feminine and can be dressed up with any cute top. Definitely just look at the butt and you’ll see how fitted they can be… Or if you want the current/elliot look you can size up to get the bagginess.

    What really is amazing though –
    The back pocket. I just love the contrast of the stitching with the light fabric, it caught me buy surprise… I’m just so used to dark AGs!

    Pick me = get Europe hooked on this amazing trend that I’m praying will stay for at least a while. It’s just too cute and comfortable to pass!

  25. I am a mother of three wild boys, I tried these ag boyfriend jeans on the other day and loved them. I need a pair of kickass jeans to chase my crazy little ones around in.

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