Celebs in Denim: Vanessa Hudgens in Desert Blue


Beautiful Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing her Desert Blue black skinny jeans she has been seen in many times before. Every time I see her I just love her style more and more. She has a fantastic fashion sense, even down to her jewelry. At least I assume its her fashion sense and not that of a stylist!

Images courtesy of vanessa-hudgens.com


  1. I’m pretty sure she does not use a stylist in her daily life. Just events mostly. But I usually love what she wears too.

  2. I love her style too, but I must say give me all her money and I bet I could be just as stylish if not more so. Money is what holds me back here 🙁

  3. Yeah she doesnt have a stylist neither does zac or ashley for everyday life, im sure they do for events an have them tailored to fit but for every day wear they dress great. Money is what holds me back too, its so easy to look great when you can spend what they do on clothes lol.

  4. wow..
    she really looks good in this clothes..
    I really adore her when it comes to fashion..
    -she really give an stunning looks when it comes to red carpet.
    -and she aslo dress beautifully in her everyday life which makes people like her looks..
    -she has a lots of jewelry that can be paired beautifully in all the dress/clothes that she wears..

    She’s totally awesome..
    my LOVE for her increases more and more and more.. 🙂