Celebs in Denim: Kate Bosworth in J Brand

Yes, another celeb in J Brand today! Kate Bosworth was spotted out and about in a pair of J Brand 912 Pencil jeans in Zombie, which are available on pre-order at Intermix. Aren’t you jealous of how some celebs get hot denim before its even available to the rest of us?!

Images courtesy J Brand jeans


  1. i don’t know who her jeans are by but she’s more a topshop jeans girl more than a j brand jeans girl. i think we need to see more HQ pic to confirm it. just because denim companies say celebs wearing their jeans that doesn’t mean it’s true. many denim companies such as Siwy, J Brand and so on have used celebs pics but it turns out celebs actually wear other’s brand. also the ripped area of kate’s jeans and j brand jeans are not matched. they are differnt.

  2. I think they might be the J Brand Zombie style, but in a different shade… They’re definately not Topshop and I don’t think they’re Balmain (which they’ve also been compared to) The Topshop pair that people were talking about did not have the cloud wash…

  3. They are most definitely J Brands. They aren’t the Zombie wash(Zombie is a faded gray tie dye)this particular wash is called Thrasher. Trying to replicate the exact same rips on every jean is rather difficult, there will always be variations between each one.

    Rips aren’t the same:

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