Celebs in Denim: Audrina Patridge in Divine Rights of Denim

Another day, another pair of Divine Rights of Denim on Audrina Patridge. I am adoring her shirt. Anyone know it? I really like the back pockets on these jeans. So cute how they flip it down. It’s all about the details now isn’t it?

Images via celebuzz


  1. She is such an amazing dresser and I love her jeans also. She is the jeans gal who wears them well, Lauren loves her dresses and she and Audrina are The Best Hope for season 5 on The Hills coming back to mtv this march.

  2. Team Lauren / Audrina, Season 5 will Kick axx… More addictive than 1 2 3 4 . Lo go on vacation PLEASE FOR A LONG LONG TIME.

  3. Yah hahahahahahha Love that TEAM AUDRINA / LAUREN.. They are so crazy and fun to watch ADDICTIVE SHTTTT opps- Team Lauren/ Audrina. whatever floats your boat. Love them all .

  4. Audrina is so pretty always, yet amazing she can wear any look, moods determine my outfits also,I too save money and make money . hard work and expertise I suppose, Love Dive Rights Jeans …