Zip Holder: No more embarrassing zipper incidents!

Perhaps Brad Pitt could have used the Zip Holder recently at his premier for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! I ran across this site and instantly had to buy one of these. You see, I have a new pair of jeans that I absolutely adore, sans one thing. The zipper always falls down! They are not too tight, but I cannot keep this slippery zipper up! So I would wear them with really long tops to avoid exposure. Problem solved with Zip Holder!

I just ordered one, and they ship internationally! Seems like such a simple concept but I’ve never seen one of these in stores. Yay, now I can wear my jeans without fear!


  1. Cool!!!!! Funny thing….. I was just fiddling with some cord and and I-Hook for you…. weird.
    But you know those little clear ponytail holders they sell in a bag for $1.50 for 50 would probably do the job.

  2. Thats actually a really good idea, it happens on my matic 81M lol i never realised until i felt draft haha.

  3. What happens if your stuck in traffic, its taking you FOOOORRRREEEVVVERRRR to get home, and you have to pee. Pulling in the drive, with a much overdue bladder, you rush toward your house like your winning a marathon! You get to the door, cant find your keys. FINALLY, after what seems like forever, you find them! Immediatly unlocking [this usually easy to open] door, shoving past the entry-way, rushing thru the livingroom and throwing your purse to the first place available, you look straight ahead to the bathroom. Once arrived, you start to unbutton your pants, you unzip your VERY zipped up and SECURED zipper… you cant get it down. At this point you have already started to let your bladder loose because your right there. The pain in your abdomen and overies now feels extruciating… “WAIT! I have on a zipper holder!!!” Crippled, with fingers clinched into a fist, you start to attempt the zipper holder… “AGGHHHH! I’ve got to wait. Im going to pee my pants. Wait… wait…wait… OKAY, TRY AGAIN…. READY, SET… G-!” You shoot for the zipper holder, the first try was a rubberbanded return! The purchase went from an excellent buy, to becoming an extremely annoying clothing malfunction. Once the 3rd or 4th attempt occurs, you get your zipper holder off, yank your zipper down, realizing at that point, that there was no point in aiming for the toilet because now you’ve basically pee’d half of your pee onto your brand new William Rast designer jeans… and not in the toilet. Damned zipperholders.

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