What the… Doilied Denim?

I sized them up, snickered, then scoffed. Lace on jeans? Wedding lace?

Then I remembered, there was this one time at my non-existent, early 90’s bachelorette party, that I could have worn these… Gawk and giggle with me now as we stare in awe of these most unique and wondrous jeans, together, and one click at a time.

Was it ever appropriate to wear such disasterous jeans, even in the late 80’s/early 90’s? Yikes. Well, baggy boyfriend jeans made a comeback…so you just never know! Could these come back into style in the distant future?

Are You Into Doilied Denim?

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images via Wedding Belle Blues


  1. Nah…these model looks like something from an 80s/early 90s Country Music magazine spread…maybe even Playboy. Definitely don’t see it catching on.