Top 10 Denim Divas of 2008 according to DenimBlog!

The title say it all…so let’s see, do you agree? Counting backwards:

10. Hayden Panettiere: In my opinion, Hayden is an adorable young up-and-comer and although her figure is not the lean and lanky model of Kate Moss, she definitely an amazing job to pick out cute outfits for her beautiful curves. I can’t wait to watch her grow up.

9. Isla Fisher: Isla Fisher is one of my favs. I think she has a classic, yet off beat style. I love the way she mixes old school glam with funky pieces like the sunglasses pictured here. Great style!

8. Vanessa Minnillo: Vanessa Minnillo was a new one on my radar this year. But, everytime she popped up, girl had it right…pulled together, classic, lookin’ good…

7. Jessica Biel: Pretty much always by her man’s side (and in his pants…ha…) Jessica Biel wore those William Rast’s right this past year! Do you think she looked good too?

6. Sienna Miller: What can I say? To me, Sienna Miller can really do no wrong. I love her look…classic bohemian. Sienna always seems to be channeling the ’70’s but never ceases to live in the 21st century either. Likewise, she’s always wearing a fab pair of jeans to boot.

5. Kate Beckinsale: Kate Beckinsale is on this list because I think she has really come into her own in the past few years and embraced the fashion world. To me, Kate Beckinsale is the ugly duckling of the list, gone to a pretty little swan…in a great pair of jeans that is…

4. Britney Spears: She made a comeback. She looked amazing. Enough said.

3. Vanessa Hudgens: Well, I’m on the fence with this one. But, she did wear almost every brand and every trend out there and she did it well! I have to admit that I am a wee bit tired of seeing Vanessa and her now-I-wear-Nudie’s boyfriend Zan Efron everywhere I look, but, on the other hand, she can dress.

2. Rachel Bilson: Just missing the number 1 spot, Rachel Bilson. I love Rachel. She is understated elegance to me at its best. She is glamourous, but also old hollywood. I feel like 20 years from now Rachel Bilson will still be on the radar, with her wavy hair, sweet smile and excellent fashion sense. She wore every denim trend out there, and she wore them well, and…best part, she never annoyed me while doing it!

1. Katie Holmes: Are you shocked?! Katie, Katie, Katie…how do we love you…let us count the ways: We love you from your J Brands to your Current/Elliotts to your 7’s to your Juicy’s. We love you from you Boyfriends to your Skinny’s to your Wide Legs to your Flares.

Yes, Katie Holmes was probably the most blogged about Denim-Wearing-Trend-Rocking-Celebrity of 2008. To me, she is not only trendy and on spot with her clothes, however, she is always classy too. If only every lilo, speidi, paris, and the rest of the DON’Ts out there could take a minute and review her sensibility…the world of fashion in general might be a better place.


  1. I thought that girl from the hills wears a lot of denim, not lauren or heidi i mean the one with dark hair, i forget her name lol.

  2. ^Lorna, you’re talking about Audrina. She does wear a lot of denim. She’s working on a line with Divine Rights of Denim. I agree with Liane, I’m not a fan of Rachel Bilson either.

  3. Lorna, that would be Audrina hehe. I dunno, I’m not on the whole Katie Holmes bandwagon. I don’t know if it’s her overexposure or she is actually like that, but she just gives off this air of “I’m more stylish than thou” superiority that is kind of annoying.

  4. Rachel Bilson is NOT #2. Rachel Bilson doesn’t even exist in the denim line up this year. She’s not even remotely close to A-List celeb. Home Girl Posh was ACTUALLY the first one to do the boyfriend jean at Disney Land never tight rolled though.

    You’ve totally missed Miley Cyrus. That girl only wears jeans, she isn’t picky about the brands, colors, trends. Home girl should be in the top 5.

    Hills girls could have been grouped together. But they wore an abundance of denim.

    But hey I think you put Britters in a good spot!! Got my tickets! Ring 1 Row G Baby see you March 8!!!!!

    Ha ha, you killed me by the way with the picture of Katie Holmes holding Suri in the sleeper hold. LOL

  5. yeah Audrina that was the one! And Miley yeah she always wears denim! She should be up there, good call jessie! I dont agree on Rachel Bilson either shes barely even been in the Denim Blog? Im never to much a fan of Katie either but she is always in denim.

  6. how do we vote without a poll??

    lol jk! I think the list is pretty good, I don’t agree with EVERYTHING (Britney should be higher imo, and I am a big Audrina Patridge fan as well). But still, great job minnyb! And a poll would be fun too.

  7. what about blake lively ?
    shes not on here much, but when she does, everyone always leave positive comments

  8. LOL eden, we posted at the same time. I don’t think she wears jeans that much, on or off set. Or anyone on the GG cast. I could be wrong?

  9. How has Kate Beckinsale ever been an “ugly duckling” who has “come into her own in the past few years”?? She’s always been gorgeous and a fabulous dresser, making many best dressed lists at award nights. Maybe the writer isn’t aware of Kate’s success in native UK before hitting the States with Brokedown Palace (released 1999… 10 YEARS AGO!)

  10. I am very aware of Kate’s history. But, in my opinion she’s come along way since the days of her heavy duchess satin gowns, thick brows, dark lipsticks and powdery white skin…best dressed lists or not.

  11. britney’s jeans in the photo are gorggg. And Kate Moss looks fab in anything she puts on her body. gosh.