Tom Ford releases $990 jeans

Well you didn’t expect denim by the man who makes $9,000 fur boots to cost less, did you? Tom Ford’s new jeans, which retail for $990, are hitting stores now. They’re made from raw-looking pre-washed Japanese selvage denim and won’t shrink or shed indigo on any of your favorite undershirts. It’s the least they could do for nearly $1k, after all. Better still, the front button is 18-karat gold plated, and the pockets are lined with fine silk. Of course, they also come with an intrinsic invaluable wealth of pocket/button-related pickup lines.


Does anyone else think Tom Ford’s photo above looks like Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck? Anyway, I digress. Can the economy still handle $990 haute couture denim? Do you think even the rich are affected or will they still buy Tom’s jeans?


  1. i’ve heard he doesn’t have financial backer to support her namesake brand. it’s very dangerous coz he will go busted soon. every fashion house is losing money and i don’t think he can escape it. factoring in the high annual rent ($2 million~$3 million) in the NYC area, it will eventually eat his bank account up.

  2. SERIOUSLY??? I’m good with cheap jeans. I dont think Id want to walk in them. Id be scared that Id give them a wrinkle!

    Aside from that… I do think that most are effected. Unless the people that can afford that crap buy loads, he will bust. Le Smoking is right on the money with this one!

  3. sorry i just realized that i had so many grammatical mistakes.
    her namesake brand –> his namesake brand
    go busted –> go bust

    lol. plz bear with me as english isn’t my 1st language.

  4. Yes – he does look like Christian Troy. Wouldn’t mind having a pair of $990 jeans, as a gift 🙂 Had a few tops and white handbags ruined by jeans colour staining.

  5. i think theres nothing wrong with buying a 1000$ jeans if u can afford it,but most important is u must feel good in it.