Taking Your Jeans From Flares to Skinny

WhatTheCraft.com is a website teaching DIY (Do It Yourself) Clothing and Crafts. The owner is a self-taught seamstress and crafter. Her site is to provide a free resource for crafters.

I found a couple different bloggers showing their skinny jeans they made from flares. Which you can see after jump.

Apologies for no befores. 🙁

Sources: whatthecraft.com, melancholysmile.blogspot.com, wearetheraddest.blogspot.com (you guys rock!!)


  1. I was gonna do this to a few pairs of my jeans and i was going to do them exactly this way but i had no idea if it was the right way lol, il go ahead and try it then.

  2. Ya you should! It looks like it works well from the after photos at least. I like flare jeans though =/