Rock & Republic brings back the old style R’s

So it looks like maybe Rock & Republic have now realized the new style R’s were not too much of a hit among the brand’s fans. The new collection on their website now has the old style R’s which everyone loved! Check out the new range of Womens and Mens Rock & Republic’s. I think I’m in love with these new Berlins! They don’t seem overly expensive either which is great. It was recently announced that R&R planned to slash their prices in 2009 with hopes of boosting sales.

So what do you think? Are you glad to have the old R’s back, or is it the price point that kept fans away in this economy? I don’t mind either pocket style, but I think the old style is much more flattering on the butt! So if they are bringing back old designs which ones would you love to see back? I vote for the Fleur de Lis, I love those – a pair in purple would be so pretty.


  1. I like the more ornate style too! Though the old style is good as well. Haha I never noticed they had stopped producing them before.