Oprah does denim before and afters

Stacy London, host of TLC’s What Not to Wear, came on Oprah’s show to stage a jean intervention! Stacy is an expert who’s seen more “mom jeans” than she can count.

1.Before: At 5’1″, Ruby says she can’t find any jeans to flatter her petite frame. “They’re either very long or too tight or very low cut,” she says. To top it off, her husband calls her “aspirin butt” because of her flat backside.

After: Ruby can’t stop smiling! She’s wearing Gold Sign “Radiant” jeans with flap-back pockets to give the illusion of curves. Pockets that are angled or higher on the seat also create this effect. “But if you do have a booty,” Stacey warns, “stay away from embellishment. Try to keep it as clean as possible.”

Ruby’s jeans feature a straighter, wider legÔÇönot boot cutÔÇöto give her a long body line. “I think you grew a couple inches!” Oprah says.

2. Before: Erin is a mom of three who enjoys wearing trendy low-rise jeans but hates the plumber effect. “My whole butt’s hanging out,” she complains.

After: Erin’s new jeans take her over the moon! “I feel awesome!” she says of her new figure-flattering “Tessie Trouser” jeans from Theory. The more modest mid-rise provides tummy coverage, Stacey points out, “and locks and loads the muffin top.”

Trouser jeans are a sensible choice with a modern edgeÔÇöand dressy enough to be worn out on the town. “Just be careful that the boot cut that you get is not too tight on the knee,” Stacey advises. Loose construction, similar to slacks, draws attention away from a heavier thigh.

3. Before: Toni admits that she’s the “poster child for bad jeans.” Even Toni’s seventh graders could teach her a thing or two about fashionable denim. She says she recently intercepted a note her students were passing around the classroom that made fun of her flat butt.

With those high-waisters, Stacy says Toni may not even need a bra!

After: Toni deserves an “A” for her new DKNY Ludlow jeans! Stacy says the stretch, boot-cut jean compliments Toni’s height and curves. She went from “mom jeans” to hot momma!

“We had to bring the rise down for this woman,” Stacy says. “We were choking her in her jeans before.”
For women like Toni who have a small waist and curvy hips, Stacy says it’s important for jeans to fit just above the top of the hipÔÇönot the waistline. “You can’t fit the waist,” she says. “Then you’re going to be wearing high waters!”

4. Before: We’ve all seen them: women in tapered, torn or skin-tight jeans roam the streets of every community. It’s time to put a stop to bad denim. Stacy offers to help four size 10 women who are all suffering from the blue jean blues.

Mary, who recently lost 80 pounds, says she just wants to look like the other trendy moms at her kids’ school. “I feel like I need to apologize to my children,” she says. “I’m sorry that I look so bad in my jeans when all the other moms look cool and hip in their jeans. I’m 80 pounds thinner than I used to be, but there is not a pair of jeans out there that can validate me.”

After: What a difference! Mary’s new Citizens of Humanity “Thumb Print H” jeans make her look longer, leaner and fierce, Stacy says.

To control the “muffin top”ÔÇöthe stomach bulge over the waistlineÔÇöMary wears a body slimmer under her mid-rise jeans. Stacy says the uniform wash and slight boot cut also help create a slim silhouette.

Who can wear these jeans? “Honestly, anybody who thinks that they’ve got a thicker leg,” Stacy says. “If you’re worried about a heavier thigh line or even a little bit of a tush, this is a great jean for you.”

The Big O Before: Oprah thought she looked pretty cute in her old jeansÔǪuntil Stacy London, host of TLC’s What Not to Wear, came along. Stacy, an expert who has seen more “mom jeans” than she can count, says that Oprah’s stonewashed jeans were all wrong for her.

The distressed denim of Oprah’s jeans creates a “spotlight” on her thighsÔÇöwhich no woman wants! Stacy thinks it’s time for a jean intervention. Armed with jeans in every cut and color, Stacy is determined to find the perfect fit for Oprah’s pear shape.

Oprah After: Stacy says that the most important thing to look for when trying on jeans is the “rise” or crotch area. You don’t want any pulling, puckering or extra fabric up front. Also, you will want to make sure your new jeans flatter your booty, hips and thighsÔÇöif they’re too big in the waist, a simple alteration can make them look custom-made for your figure.

After only seven attempts, Oprah finds her perfect fit in a pair of AG “Club” jeans! “I love these [jeans] because, the crease helps to lengthen,” Oprah says. “And even with the cut it’s not so low that when you sit, it rises down and you see your crackÔÇöthat’s very important to me.”

Stacy also points out that Oprah’s jeans are the perfect length. She says jeans should go all the way down to the bottom of your high heel in the back. But, if your aching feet are pleading for a flat shoe, don’t you dare roll up your denim. Every woman should have a second pair of jeans that’s ideal for flat shoes.

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  1. Im sure if they put these after pictures with them in white t shirts with a slumpy pose they wouldnt look all that good lol they only look great because they changed the entire outfit but i guess the jeans are a bit of an improvement to what they were previously wearing lol.

  2. Too bad none of this is any help to anyone over a size 10. They should’ve had brands/models for the size 14+ set.

  3. I love AG Club Jeans.. The fit is not too low or not too high either. It is a great fit. Everyone does look amazing in a new pair. I agree though that the pose and the white tee does make them look worse. Great Post! I am a huge fan of what not to wear.

  4. i kinda like Stacy London’s outift. does anybody know who are her jeans by? i’m guessing J Brand but not sure.

  5. I think Stacey looks great in her jeans and outfit. Whenever she wears jeans on the WNTW show, she always looks fabulous. I hear that she is obsessed with working out though. Guess she really wants to look good in those jeans.