Lilo’s Ad Campaign Photos as the new face of Fornarina

Last year we found out that mega brand Fornarina named none other than Ms. Lindsay Lohan as their new face and spokesperson. Now, we finally have some of the ad campaign shots.

Sources at WWD say that the Italian lifestyle fashion company selected Lindsay because, “she is that very self-confident, dynamic woman, she’s got a lot of attitude…that’s what [Fornarina] is hoping our customer will aspire to.”

The pictures of Lindsay from the new campaign are pretty hot. I think the girl looks fantastic in something other than a pair of leggings. And, honestly, if I wasn’t familiar with her history over the course of the past…say…5 years…I may even buy into this dynamic/confident thing too. But, since I am all too familiar…let’s just say that Fornarina’s assessment of the situation doesn’t really jive with me (understatement)!

Do you see Lindsay as dynamic and self-confident? As an image to aspire to? Maybe some do. I’m certain that Fornarina put much time and money into a their marketing research before selecting the girl. However, for me…personally, I’m going to aspire to something…else…


  1. I HATE her extensions. I hate how her stupid toe looks in the last picture. I hate that she looks so old. RED hair looks good on Lindsay. She looks ugly and old with her hair that color. UGH!

  2. I think she looks better than she did. So I have been seeing a lot of rolled up denim in magazines, is that going to the trend this year? I am warming up to it…

  3. yeah sara, roll em this season if you can do it right…but not like this…this looks freakin retarded…

  4. Bwa ha ha ha ha!!! Minny b, 2 times in one week you’ve made me spit my drink laughing. You got some “‘splaining to do minny!” LOL