Celebs in Denim: Jessica Simpson in Grey Ant

Wow, was all I thought when I saw these photos… normally I love Grey Ant, but these Grey Ant Carpenter jeans don’t work on Jessica Simpson. They really do not flatter her figure at all … now I know she is tiny, but I think you need to be about 5’10 to wear these and about a size 2. She should really stick to low rise, she looks great in her William Rast jeans.

Images courtesy of justjared.com


  1. She normally looks pretty slim, but this whole outfit makes her look really big. Not her most flattering outfit.

  2. Its not only the clothes that make her look heavier. Her hair makes her look like a big lion, and her face is a bit puffier!

  3. Okay, people gain and lose weight… so not only has she gained some since dating Romo, but to put on those pants??? …Well, we all know that shouldnt have happened. OUCH! Fashion DISASTER!

  4. Oh god, how horrible. And what is up with that under arm flab?? Ok regular people can get away with not being perfect, but she has trainers!!! What is she paying them for?!

  5. I think the Pants are awesome! I think it’s Great Jessica is wearing them. The pants themselves are just fashion of 2009! Awesome job Grey Ant, keep up the great work, we love you here in Chicago!

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