Heath Ledger’s Denim Style

I had never knowingly watched movies with Heath Ledger in them. Nor did I know a great deal about him until he died. It’s been one year since Heath’s passing and the folks over at socialitelife did a nice post with 70+ of their favorite photos of him. I did enjoy the gallery and noticed his wide variety of denim choices. He was definitely a great loss to movie fans. The entirety of ‘The Dark Knight’, I was on pins and needles waiting for him to come back on screen. He breathed life into that movie.

In the images where he is wearing the Ksubi/Tsubi jeans, he is on the set of the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. What a huge loss. River Phoenix is the only other great talent that I can recall that the movie industry has had a great misfortune of losing in the last 20 years. RIP Heath.


  1. ^^^We did a post about Heath when he passed, but couldn’t pass up this great pictorial one year later. I think he’s missed even more after people saw his great talent as the Joker. Such a shame.