Donna Karan Launches Denim Collection With Happy Pants

It feels like every label wants us in jeans this spring. First it was Lanvin for Acne, then Hollywood’s Audrina and LiLo posse, and now Donna Karan is launching her denim collection. Set to hit stores in late February and priced at $395 to $595 a pair, these jeans may actually stand out in your closet (and not just because of the hefty price tag). Jewelry designer Robert Lee Morris designed the gold buttons, while the inside pocket features one of Donna’s inspirational sayings like “Embrace life’s every curve with imagination.” So everytime you slip them on or off, you get a little warm and fuzzy. Not a bad way to get undressed. Also, there’s no side seam in these pants, so they don’t cut your leg awkwardly, which means it makes your legs look taller. And for shorties, just the thought of insta-height is inspiring.