Denim Trends: Return of the 80’s!

They say that trends go in cycles, which is certainly true but aren’t they supposed to get better the second(or third) time around?

Model Milla Jovovich 80’s denim trends: High waisted, acid washed, light washed, pleated styles all make appearances in the newest issue of French Vogue.

What are your thoughts on these trends? Are you breaking out your vintage Jordache and shoulder pads or praying that these styles don’t have staying power? I don’t mind the acid washing and the high waisted pants, but what I can’t take are the shoulder pads, pleated pants (which promise to be all the rage this season according to the new Vogue US, blech!) …and even walking into Forever 21 today while at my local mall, of course I spied boyfriend jeans, right along with hot pink and leopard print Madonna style earrings. Oh god…I think the 80’s might be here to stay for awhile…


  1. I can’t help but like this rounded shoulder thing, But I can’t understand how sometimes it look like the designer just stuffed a sock up in there. I mean HELLLOOOOOOO, It’s not tooo hard to make the shoulders match.

    I like the first 2 pictures. Well they get worse as the go. The 3rd one is just ugly beyond all trends that have come back that shouldnt have….. Yuck Ugh Blech!

  2. The thing I liked best about big shoulder pads in the 1980s was that it helped keep purse straps from falling off of my teeny-tiny shoulders.

    But I’m not down with those pleats or the acid wash. Nuh-uh.

  3. many fashion editors have endorsed acid washed jeans such as Vanessa Coyle & Emmanuelle Alt. i have to admit i hated it first but recently it has grown on me.

  4. stay tuned, but rumor has it, that denim and the bedazzler will be reunited again…..