CONTEST! Win a free pair of William Rast jeans!

William Rast Belle Flare with Flap Pocket Jupiter Wash

Contest time! Want to win a free pair of William Rast jeans – up to $300 in value? Post a comment in this blog, and tell us which pair you would select from the William Rast website, and why we should choose you! Personally, I have (and would buy another pair in a different wash!) a pair of the William Rast Belle Flares – a classic cut that gives my flat-ish booty the appearance of some volume due to the back pocket flaps! Love!

We will select a winner for the contest on February 6th at 5pm EST, so get your entries in now! And yes, guys can win too – check out William Rast’s mens line – hot! This contest is for US residents only. HonestForum and DenimBlog writers/mods are not eligible to win.


  1. I would choose the Savoy Regular Rise Trouser in Lapis Wash. I think you should choose me because I read the blog daily 🙂

  2. Jerri Ultra Skinny Hematite Wash all the way!!! I feel I should be selected b/c just like everyone else here this is the first website I read when I get onto the internet. I actually had a pair of skinnies (not WR) and there were stolen out of my hostel(Flying Pigg) in Amsterdam and they were my favorite pair of J Brand skinny jeans.

    Tip: Don’t leave your suitcase in the public locker area buy a lock and use the private lockers.

  3. WILLIAM RAST BELLE FLARES! I think you should pick me because I have never tried William Rast jeans before but I trust what you say on this website and if it makes your butt look bigger I believe it! I am on this website 2~3 times a day and I LOVE your blog! It is so helpful and I love how you have the links for the private sale websites! Thank you denimblog! =)

  4. I would get the Jerri Ultra Skinny in Dark Handsanded.

    You should pick me because nobody rocks jeans like I do! I love jeans, and would love to add a pair of Rast’s to my collection, and this wash is just amazing. Pick me because I appreciate denim fashion like you do.

  5. I’d choose the Jerri Ultra Skinny in dark handsand wash. You should pick me because I don’t own one WR pair…because they are all so expensive (and under retail pairs on ebay are still pricey), a poor college student like me with no job cannot afford one =)

  6. I really like the Savoy Classic Rise skinny in Minion wash. They are classic and can be worn casual or dressy. William Rast is such a great brand thanks so much denim blog for this opportunity.

  7. I would pick the Daisy Super Flare Gardenia Wash. I love the relaxed look of them! I need a good pair of jeans that are perfect for going to class in but still look amazing. I think these are it!
    I have just recently sized down (GO ME!) and this would be my first pair of 29’s. I’m rather proud 🙂 I have no William Rast 🙁 but have been in love with Justin Timberlake since NSYNC (elementary school, for me)

  8. I would totally rock the Jerri Ultra Skinny Dark Handsand Wash! I am a denim whore and this pair would look so good with some high heels or some Converse! I LOVE THEM!

  9. I would choose the STELLA BOOT CUT DARK HANDWASH. These specific jeans just look so clean!! I feel as if I deserve to win these pair of jeans because even though I’m in love with denim and have read this blog daily since last summer, I’m still new in the game. My jean collection (of designer denim) is quite small, I’m assuming, in comparison to most of denimblog’s readers. This would be a great opportunity to vary my jean selection with a pair of jeans I have yet to buy.
    This is quite embarrassing, but I frequent the revolveclothing website just to look at their jeans and shoes, yet, have never had the guts to buy anything. I did, however, catch the post you put up about the rich&skinny sale in which I did buy a pair of the super skinnies!! You guys are basically awesome and I’m a devout reader. PLEASE PICK ME!

  10. I would choose the Stella Bootcut in the dark handsand wash. I should be chosen because I am a denim fanactic and when I discovered your blog I was stoked! I read it daily. When I go shopping for something inparticular I always end up with at least one pair of jeans but I can’t always afford designer and I’ve had the hardest time finding William Rast jeans in my size so it’s frustrating not being able to even try a pair on BUT knowing Justin and how he loves butts I know I could rock ’em.

  11. If I was lucky enough to win I would choose the Billy 5 Pocket Flare in the Prince Wash. I should be chosen, first, because I love denim and read this blog every day. More importantly, I am one of only a few of my friends who cares about designer denim and am alone in my love of designer jeans. I do not have a large collection because I am a student and have to pay for my own designer jeans. I would love it if i was chosen. Thank you for the opportunity!

  12. I’ve got a little bit of love in the rear so I definitely need some flare to even me out! Love the Belle Flare with Flap Pocket Aquarius Wash!

    Denimblog has been good to me, recommending jeans and sites to find good deals. Pick me!

  13. I would get the Billy 5 Pocket Flare Mookite Wash and give them to my dad because my mom, brother and I are always trying to get him some nice jeans, but he’s too frugal to pull the trigger. Honestly I already have enough jeans myself, so consider it some sort or charity. 🙂

  14. Hello :]
    I would get the William Rast Belle Flare in Jupitor wash.
    I am in love with jeans and have such a hard time picking out
    a pair that fits perfectly. I have tried on William Rast jeans and
    they fit like a glove but being a student cannot buy them without
    feeling guilty. I also love your site and really look foward to your
    blogs. You have so much knowledge and I consider you a denim genius.
    I bet all your friends beg you to help them shop :]

  15. if i get to choose, Billy 5 Pocket Flare Lapis Wash would be my choice.
    i am in love with this blog, the mall, and the forum. i think i am addicted 🙁


  16. I would like the Ben Straight Leg in the Evening Blue Wash. I deserve to win this contest as a “thank you” for my contributions to HonestForum and DenimBlog, and also as a veritable farewell gift. Can you can honestly look into your heart and tell me that any of the yahoos entering before or after me are actually more entitled to win this contest than I am? Thought so; contact me for my address, sweetie, because this contest is as good as over.

  17. Please pick me!!! I have never tried on a pair of William Rast but would love to own a pair. If I won, I would choose the Savoy regular trouser in dark sand hand. I love them!!! I am a new Mommy and need to re-establish my new wardrobe now that I have a few “extra curves”!! I refuse to give up my premium denim…

  18. I’d choose Jerri Ultra Skinny in Sugar and Spice Wash.

    Pick me because I’m a student news reporter and we all know that the newspaper industry is dying. Yet I still stick around to pursue my dream. So when I graduate, I may not find a job…but I sure will have some FIERCE William Rast Jeans!!!

  19. I love the Men’s Ben Straight Leg Colt Wash.
    You should pick me to win a pair of awesome William Rast Jeans because:

    -I am a loyal Denim Blog Reader
    -I love Designer Denim (especially William Rast!)
    -All my xmas gifts were lame! Not even one pair of jeans and everyone knows i love jeans!

  20. Wow if I won this contest I would chose the JERRI ULTRA SKINNY DARK HANDSAND WASH!! I just graduated from college and my parent’s aren’t paying my bills anymore SO I go to my local jean boutique and try on jean after jean and end up leaving without anything!! I’m glad the workers there get a laugh out of me though!! I study up on my denim on this blog and go TRY ON all of the jeans you lovely people are talking and writing about! How nice it would be to get a new pair of jeans that I can wear out of the store!! 🙂

    If I’m not chosen, thats ok! I appreciate all you guys do and I’ll keep trying on the jeans until I get a nice job!!

  21. If I was to be chosen, although a hard choice, I would choose the Stella Boot Cut Dark Handsand Wash. These jeans would be a nice addition to my closet and I’m positive I would wear those bad boys out. I tried some William Rast on at Nordstrom a while back and they were great fit. Anyways I love your blog, thanks for all the interesting posts!

  22. I would pick the Savoy’s in Aquarius if I were to win. I don’t deserve to win any more than anyone else, but William Rast is my newest favorite brand and one of the few that fits me well after having my two kids. I’ve never won anything in my life, save a few auctions on ebay…though those seem to be followed by a “Congratulations, you owe $4000! Pay via paypal now!” email, which rains on my parade.

    I think I’m a pretty genuine and contributing member of HF and would love to win this contest. I would wear them with love and appreciation and I promise I’d post pictures! 🙂


  23. I would enjoy wearing a nice pair of Billy 5 Pocket Flare Mookite Wash jeans….

    Pick me because:
    1. I check denimblog every morning and during the day instead of working.
    2. I’m a poor medical student
    3. Will be my first pair of William Rast
    4. I click on random ads. $$$ for the site.


  24. i would definitely go for the stella bootcut in evening blue wash. You should pick me because i am in love with designer denim, and i would love to add a pair of WR to my small but mighty collection! I love your website and check it multiple times a day, even though everyone makes fun of me for my obsession. It would also be great seeing as my dad has refused to pay for any more of my jeans, so unless i can find some kind of job i will never get one of these amazing pairs of jeans! Thank you for the chance to win a pair of these amazing jeans!

  25. Daisy Super Flare Jupiter Wash 🙂

    Every so often I go to the William Rast website and sift through the jeans. I find the exact pair, dreaming of the day that I will have a pair of my very own. I click on the womens style and select the flare styled designer jeans… still, I see the price of the jeans of my choice: Daisy Super Flare Jupiter Wash, 238 dollars… EEK! …That’s not including tax, that’s not included in my budget.

    Im merely a student, just as so many others, doing the best I can with what I’ve been dealt in life. I am paying for my schooling on my own, trying to make payments on a car that financially and mechanically has become more than monetarily pleasing or capable of handling, at this point. William Rast jeans are FAR from the top of my list of items to purchase, when talking about my day-in and out routine.

    I’m applying for your contest, not only as a contestant, but as a William Rast idealist. Im simply trying to fulfill a small desire in my demanding world that I call life. Should you choose me, I wont just be happy that I won, I’ll be thankful and appreciative, too! (I’ll even send you a picture the moment they arrive in the mail!)

    Thank you for your consideration. …and GOOD LUCK! May the best wo(man) win! 🙂

  26. Ben Straight Leg Evening Blue Wash!

    Why? To help me own something other than Diesel! I feel as if my Diesel whoring has begun to impact my life in a negative aspect! Help convert me!

    Please with whipped cream and a cherry?

    Here’s a haiku too!

    William Rast
    In-around my mouth
    Jizz my pants

    College sucks
    I have no money
    Buy me jeans

  27. William Rast Jeans,
    they are smart and they are clean,
    They have style and pizazz,
    they have J.T. on their dream team!

    William Rast Jeans,
    They have every fit for every strut,
    They have mens and women’s styles,
    they have cuts for girls with BUTTS!

    Celebrities like to wear them,
    Regular people do, too!
    Jessica Biel, Vanessa Milano, my sister…
    …and her husband, it’s true!

    William Rast Jeans,
    They are smart, they have pizazz,
    I’ve never owned a pair,
    but I think they’d look great on my —!

    So choose me for this contest,
    Thankful and grateful I will be.
    William Rast Jeans are a phenominon,
    A phenominon Id like to wear on me!

  28. I’d probably pick Ben Straight Leg Evening Blue Wash. Now is a good time to try one out, eh? 😛

    Here’s my poem/haiku, Dave:

    Justin Timberlake
    Brought sexy back, so can I
    If I cop these jawnz.

    jk. You should pick me ’cause I’m a broke-ass college student and I need a new wardrobe. And I <3 DenimBlog & HF.

  29. If I win, I would love a pair of WR Sadies in Dark Handsand. I’ve been needing a pair of cute straight legs in a dark, dressy wash since last Fall, but my finances have been keeping me from buying a pair that I really want for a long time… these would be perfect to dress up or down! I have way too many bootcuts and flares and want to start filling up my wardrobe with William Rast straight legs! 😀

    I think I should be chosen because I, too, read this blog daily and comment regularly since I joined HF as a member in 2007. Even when HF was a ghost town and was temporarily shut down, I got my daily denim fix from this blog and participated in everything that my schedule could allow me to 🙂

  30. I would choose Sadie in Dark Handsand:
    They are so gorgeous! I had them before I got pregnant (I’m 24 weeks now!) and they were my favorite pair of jeans I’ve ever ever ever had. I had to sell them when I outgrew them so I could buy some maternity shirts. If I could get another pair of them in a larger size I would probably sleep with them every night, my husband would probably get really jealous hahaha. Dark handsand is a gorgeous, stretchy, comfortable wash…perfect for a prego!

  31. Stella boot cut dark handsand, they are so pretty!

    I love this blog and have read it daily since it first started, ya’ll are doing such a good job with it!

  32. Since William Rast denim was introduced by Justin Timberlake and Trace Ayala in 2006 I have always been intrigued by them. My interest really grew this year when I spotted them on the WB show “Privileged”. I soon noticed that Joanna Garcia’s and Kristina Apgar’s characters were wearing them a lot. Makes perfect sense because Joanna Garcia is engaged to Trace Ayala. I think both actresses look awesome in WR denim and I decided I really wanted a pair. They were to be my next pair to purchase, but unfortunately my husband was laid off from his job and we now need to cut back. I would love a pair of the Daisy Super Flare Jupiter Wash. I chose this pair because I already have boot cut, straight and skinny jeans, but I don’t have flares. These are an fantastic wash and are the perfect length (35″) to wear with my heels.

  33. Untill now, I haven’t heard of William Rast.
    It’s probably because it hasn’t been that long I’ve been taking fashion so seriously.
    I have been reading the Denim Blog for quite a long time and I’ve been learning a lot from this place.
    And today, I read about William Rast and got a chance to view the online store.
    I fell in love with the site and learned another great brand for future reference.
    At first I was interested in the free jeans, but when I went into the site, I saw almost every product there. I love the style and actually I’m planning to get a jacket from here soon.
    However, if I do get picked, I would love to wear the Billy 5 Pocket Flare Blackburn Wash in size 28 (there weren’t many 28s).
    If i don’t get picked, I’m still happy because I found a place to shop.

  34. i would totally choose the JERRI ULTRA skinny in dark handwash

    i should be chosen because i am awesome…

    …and i don’t have the money to buy expensive jeans all the time. hehe :]b

  35. BEN straight leg. bc straight legs are ftw. this would be amazing because i just love the stretch and would be a great addition to my paucity of jeans.

  36. I would choose the BILLY FLARE FLAP POCKET PLUTO WASH because they are great. The pockets are great with the flaps. The whiskers are a nice accent to the pluto wash. I think I should win first because I am a reader who reads the denim blog hourly. Second, I am a denim design student right now and love to add to my collection of denim, even though it is hard to when your a college student. This would mean a lot to me and be beneficial to my, hopefully very successful career, especially a collection as amazing and influential as the william rast collection. If you need more reason I would love to continue… Please pick me!

  37. I would choose the Jerri Ultra Skinny Dark Hand sand Wash… those look like the hottest pair of jeans EVER!

    That being said…why you should choose me: my denim collection is pathetic:( Not to mention I don’t exactly have the $ to go out and expand it (typical college student in the flesh)…blah. Help a gal out!! 😉

  38. I would choose a pair of William Rast Jerri Ultra Skinnies in Hematite wash because they are simply breathtaking. The slim cut makes them fashionable and so versatile; to be worn with adorable flats for a cute, fun look; or with converse for casual and funky; with heels for blatant sex appeal; or with boots for a classier but just as sexy look. In my care, these jeans would see all those looks, and more!
    I implore you to choose me to receive these jeans because, not only would I be eternally grateful, I would show them off to their fullest potential. These jeans would become my staple clothing piece for multiple looks, day and night! Whether paired with fitted tops, sexy blouses, or flowy tanks; for a night out on the town, an intimate dinner with family, walking the dog in the bitter cold or lounging on the beach, attending class or taking a mental health day, these jeans are meant to be lived in and loved.
    So, I’m asking that you choose me, of all the doubtlessly deserving men and women here, because these jeans would be well and truly loved with me, in the way that I believe they should be: as jeans, as the essential staple in the perfect outfit for that exact moment, as a physical manifestation of a person’s soul. I would treat these jeans the way they deserve to be treated; as I love and respect myself, so would I love and respect these jeans, as they would reflect who I am to the world in the way that all jeans reflect their wearer’s spirit and personality.
    I would love to own these jeans, I’m a student and at this point, the vast majority of my funds have dried up, in part due to the economy, as I’m sure many can relate to, and more directly due to purchasing text books for school and paying tuition where scholarships don’t cut it. Clothing has officially been relegated to the last thing I should be worried about, but a pair of these jeans would quite possibly make my life! Thank you for your consideration!

  39. I would love, love, love a pair of Daisy Super Flares in Sugar and Spice Wash. I am a huge fan of William Rast! WR is my favorite brand of jeans, even above 7FAM, COH, R&R, Diesel, Hudson, etc. I should win this constest because since I received my very first pair of WR, they have been featured in my Honest Forum avatar. That was more than two years ago! If I win this coveted pair, I will make a new avatar featuring this pair =-)

  40. I personally love the Daisy Super Flare Archangel Wash. They’re such a nice color and I love all the super flares. You should pick me bc I love DB and refer all my friends to come check out this site, too!!!! Thanks!

  41. Daisy Super Flare Jupiter Wash

    He sees her from across the room.
    Her hair was dark, her eyes exotic.
    A simple tank and those jeans…
    they fit every curve of her perfectly.
    Elongating her legs, extenuating her thighs,
    as if they were created for her.
    He wanted her.

    Sexy, Seductive…
    William Rast.

  42. I would love to receive a pair of the WR Belle Flares in Dark Handsand Wash (though the Aquarius is beautiful, too!). I deserve to win because I need a major denim wardrobe overall. It would be a great way to start out the new year! I visit this blog daily – keep up the good work! Thanks for the contest!

  43. I absolutely love the Belle flare mockingbird William Rast jeans. I tried on a pair an fell in love with these jeans, however theyre too expensive for me to splurge over $200 on. Overall these jeans are 5 stars!!! They fit awesome and are the best jeans I have ever tried on! Pick me so i can show off a pair of my first william rast jeans 🙂

  44. I’d love the Stella bootcuts in Dark Handsand. It looks like the perfect wash, not too dark but slimming and perfect for daytime or night time wear 🙂

    It would be too awesome to get chosen! I join contests all the time and never win anything at all. So it would be nice to see what the winning part actually feels like. *Cue the violins* Haha 🙂

  45. i would pick the sadie straight leg evening blue wash jeans… how perfect is the wash on those? i don’t own many jeans (something like 3 pairs) & i’m a fashion student, so it’s pretty crazy. the problem for me has always been that i’m short and so far no jeans have tried look all too great on me. the pairs i have i ended up cutting into shorts (which i will never do again- such a waste!). but the william rast jeans look really flattering, the shapes are slender and elongate the legs. i love the straight legs jeans because they are a classic shape and are pretty much timeless.

  46. Hello, my pick would be:

    William Rast-Billy 5 Pocket Flare Manic Wash

    I think I should win because I love fashion, and i love jeans… Will Rast are kewl and fun… I really like these dark denims because they are so subtle and classy.. really cool.. I could see myself wearing them a lot… Anyway, I have you guys listed on my own blog in a little section I call “Fashion Shmashen” .. You guys are very informative and fun.. thanks for lookin out!


  47. I would pick the Belle Flare with Flap Pocket Jupiter Wash! What a great giveaway – would LOVE to have a pair of those jeans! ~ 🙂 Thanks!

  48. No doubt – I’d choose the Belle Flare Gardenia Wash – I absolutely love designer jeans! My William Rast are my favorites by far – for a couple of reason – they are comfy, I feel sexy in them as they feel like my own skin! and I get so many complements when I wear them. I’m often asked what brand they are and where I purchased them…I feel like I’m a walking advertisement – I guess I actually am! It’s been over a year since I purchased my pair of WR jeans – so, a second pair would give my other pair a needed rest!:) Please choose me – I’ll wear them well and bring others to fall in love with William Rast too!!

  49. Hey, i guess i’ll jump in on this wagon.

    If i could choose a pair of jeans from WR, that it would be the Ben Straight Leg Dirt Dark Blue Wash. I would pick it beause straight leg jeans are a much better fit for me as well as most guys, i personally think. It accents our legs and our assets…mmm.
    But really, i prefer the straight leg fit and WR seems to have only three, which is no problem since the Dirt Dark Blue wash is great; first off, a dark blue wash never goes out of style, the black pocket detail is unique yet not overly bold, the wash itself looks great, and it’s just quality denim.

    I couldn’t say that i deserve to win these jeans any more than the other guy on here…i mean, i haven’t saved a designer denim store from burning to the ground as of late or anything. I’m just a high school kid who and I have no chance of ever affording designer jeans on my Giant Eagle job, and my parents wouldn’t buy me designer jeans if the world was burning to the ground.
    I guess what i’m trying to say is, it’d be sweet if i won this because i won’t be having some decent jeans for years otherwise.

  50. I can honestly say that denimblog has made a big impact on my life. A few months ago, jeans were just jeans. They were the article of clothing you put on right after the underwear. So, I pretty much didn’t care what jeans I wore… levi’s, hollister, and yes, even angels denim… (yes, i know, i know…).
    As I recall, I had to much time on my hands and stumbled across this website. Yes, at first it appeared that it was just a bunch of celebrities wearing overpriced jeans, but as I read on (and I went back to read every single post on the site), I noticed how designer denim is much more than a single pair of jeans. It is a piece of artwork, and as I later discovered, it is what makes the outfit. I really enjoyed reading all the histories of different brands and all the fit guides. So, after reading just about everything I thought I needed to know, I decided to take the plunge and buy my first pair of designer jeans… which happened to be the William Rast Stella Bootcuts!
    As soon as I tried them on, it was love at first sight. Never did I know jeans could make me look good, minimize my butt and thighs and at the same time, look stunning! Whenever I wear my William Rasts, I feel sexy and confident and just happy to be myself (a feeling a obviously never got from my Angels). I believe this is what denimblog is all about. Since then, I have built a meager collection, certainly not comparable to the other collections of members on this site. Thanks to denimblog, I now know how to identify jeans from the stitching to the pockets to the fabric… I am forever in debt to denimblog, it has opened up the denim world for me and connects me to other denim fanatics. Now I can spot a fellow denim fan and say “Nice Rock and Republics!” instead of just “nice jeans.” Before denimblog, I thought designer denim was just for celebrities and the rich and the famous, but denimblog has helped unconver the entire denim culture underneath it, and made me realize that, I, too, can have amazing jeans. And William Rast (who was basically my initiation into the denim world) will always have a special place in my heart and in my closet… Yes, William Rast can make me look like I have a wonderful booty, but more importantly is the confidence I feel from wearing my WRs. William Rast will forever be the symbol of my entrance into the world of designer denim, my addiction to it, and it is result of the wonderful education denimblog gives its readers about DENIM! Thank you, good people of denim blog!
    I would love to get my legs into a pair of William Rast Jerri Ultra Skinny Dark in the Handsand Wash. Truly amazing jeans.

  51. I, Jessie, solemnly swear to never write for denimblog again if I win these William Rast Daisy Super Flare Archangel Wash jeans. What do you think? Do I have a chance now?

  52. Hi! I would love the William Rast Belle Flares (though my booty is decent, I would still like some more junk in my trunk, hehe) or the Stella Boot Cut Dark Handsand Wash or the Jerri Ultra Skinny Dark Handsand Wash! I want these jeans SO BAD that I can’t even decided what pair I want! I actually wouldn’t mind any & every pair since I’m just about desperate for these jeans! I am a huge denim whore! <3 Denim is what I wear everyday. I always come to this site, the William Rast site & others sites just to look & admire William Rast jeans, (also other jeans) since I don’t have & can’t afford a pair. As a matter of fact, I don’t own ANY designer jeans. :/ I’m recently lost my job due to today’s economic status & haven’t been able to find another since. So I just get by & be happy with the ones I own. Another big reason why I would LOVE to win these jeans is because I FREAKIN’ LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE! <3 He is pretty much my favorite male singer/celebrity of ALL TIME! <3 I’ve been a hardcore fan since the get-go of *NSYNC! His friendship with Trace is adorable & I think it’s great how they are making a name for themselves in the fashion world. I would love to get in that world, literally, by putting own a pair of their jeans!
    I don’t have much else to say so thank you for the opportunity of this contest! 😀 <3

  53. well, i finally broke down and bought a pair of WR jeans.(bc i LOVE them) needless to say….i think i was duped and someone sold me a fake pair!! i still love them though and i want another pair….ones that are REAL! if you pick me i want to get ANOTHER pair of sadie straight leg dark handsand wash OR the jerri ultra skinny dark handsand jean…..but again i want a REAL pair!!! PLEASE…..make me NOT a sucker anymore! make the world a better place in my eyes and allow me to have a good pair! thanks!

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