Cheap Monday is taking things TOO far.

Feast your eyes upon these disasters that Cheap Monday is calling fashion. They are fashion. FASHION CRIMES! Gah!!! We have denim here you should never wear, ill fitting jeans on skinny models and cut-outs where they should never be.

When’s the last time you thought, “Wow, those are some sexy knees!” Probably never. Obviously, Brooke Hogan is their new spokeswhore. *shudder* Probably because she does Cheap Monday, Cheap Tuesday, Cheap Wednesday……

The paper bag waist. These remind me of Jessica Simpson’s high-waisted fashion no-no. Who would do such a horrible thing to a “perfectly nice” pair of cropped/capri/highwater jeans?

Green Denim Chinos? Gross. Takin’ me to Kanye’s Never Shoulda.

Who would wear these besides a homeless person?

Note* Homeless Person Chic is all the rage evidently… but more on that later.

Carry on clicking if you must, but I assure you it’s not pretty.


  1. i only like their bleached high waisted jeans. if i had a body like natasha poly, i’d try these jeans!

  2. Truly insane lol i dont think anybody will actually buy these right? Spotty ones are awesome haha look like leggings.

  3. holy crap, you have managed to find some truly amazingly tacky denim stuff in the past coupla weeks. and i mean that in the nicest way possible. impressive.