Celebs in Denim: Paris Hilton in Siwy

Paris Hilton went all the way to Sundance to wear an infant bunny hat (is that Hello Kitty?!) with her Siwy skinny jeans. Awwwww… how cute TOTALLY FREAKIN’ STUPID! Siwy, I suggest you counteract the negative press here with some good press….you could send me a pair size 30. (jessie (at) denimblog.com) My daddy says you never know what you might get by asking. 😉

Or have Mischa Bar- um no wrong… Maybe Carrot Top… Errr…wait, maybe have Miley Cyrus’s underwear model boyfriend wear them. Yes that would be good publicity. Maybe not…

images via celebutopia.net


  1. Wow she has so much make up on her face is a totally different colour to her neck! Lol. Why on earth would you dress as a bunny anyway??

  2. LOL^^Yeah her makeup is pretty bad, that is sad…I don’t think she would even need makeup, her skin looks pretty good?