Celebs in Denim: Nicole Richie in Jet Jeans

Nooooooooo not Nicole! They got you to wear those awful Jet Thrashed jeans too? Gah. I wonder how much they paid her to wear those retina hazards. These are the most ugliest, most hideousest, most worstest torn jeans I ever seen. They are about as painful to look at as my elocution was to read. Yuck-o to infinity. I hate them! And hate is a strong word.

But I do LOVE her orange Hermes Birkin!

images via celebutopia.net


  1. LOL @ Jessie. I don’t HATE them that bad, but the holes are too strategically placed. They look like Current/Eliott’s torn skinnies. Not my cup of tea, but not nearly as bad as those Cheap Monday’s you posted yesterday!

  2. never mind, i found it on shopintuition. btw, Nicky Hilton was seen wearing this pair too yesterday. you can find her pics on wenn.com