Celebs in Denim: Miley Cyrus in 7 for all Mankind and Justin Gaston Diesel Adidas

*note this post may contain heavily laced sarcasm*

Miley Cyrus is wearing her 7 for all Mankind bootcut jeans in Vintage California rolled up. They look sort of Current/Elliott don’t they the way they are rolled? And boyfriend Justin Gaston wears his Diesel adidas (adi-thanaz, I think) which we’ve seen him wear the line before.

I refuse to rip Miley anymore for having a boyfriend who is a 20 year old underwear model when she is only 16. They are getting the benefit of the doubt from me. And besides, Miley’s best friend is kind of old too so maybe she’s just super mature for 16. I mean, I was really super mature at 16 – yeah, true story. I was so mature I graduated high school with two kids from my (7 years older) baby daddy! So surely there could be no problem at all with Miley’s older man ’cause I mean I turned out just fine didn’t I? Please pay no attention to my piercings and heavy tattoos. 😉 *snicker*

images via celebutopia.net


  1. I actually really like those 7s. I think Mileys gonna be fine, her dads doing a good job with the parenting, i was really mature at 15/16 with the way i thought and behaved too and with the kind of job shes in im sure shes constantly around adults all of the time so shes going to get a long a lot better with them, guys mature slower than girls i hear too so im sure they are roughly the same level of maturity 🙂

  2. Let’s place bets. 😉 JK, I hope Miley turns out alright but she has all the makings to really screw it up. Teen star, underwear model OLDER boyfriend, tons of money, not much restriction on what she can or can’t do = disaster waiting to happen.

  3. I guess only time can tell, she might go off the rails if she becomes too famous, i guess it gets to much for them to handle.

  4. haha I am flattered. Good to know I’ve somehow managed to convinced someone that I know what I’m talking about! 🙂

  5. Wow. I think I might just stop reading this because how much everyone bashes on her. This blog is about denim.

  6. I know this is incredibly late to be posting a comment, but I just started going back into the archives of this blog and I honestly have stopped reading Jessie’s posts and almost the blog entirely because of things like this.

  7. Jessie hasn’t worked on DenimBlog for almost 3 years, it’s only Jonathan, Jennifer and me that make the posts on the blog now and have done since the change over some years ago. We keep all of our posts in positive light and are not horrible to any of the celebs, we only comment on their outfits and denim since everything changed back then. Hopefully that makes you like DenimBlog more and you can still enjoy our jeans posts!

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