Celebs in Denim: Keanu Reeves in PRPS

Keanu Reeves was snapped wearing a pair of PRPS jeans. He is with a lady who looks a lot like Kirsten Dunst! Even down to the teeth, is it her or just her clone do you think? Keanu looks pretty good in his jeans and coat! He has a great style sense!

Images courtesy of celebutopia.net


  1. Who the f you are to tell the man he need to shave??? I just can’t take it how stupid people can be! I used to sing duo with this girl once, she told me I need to shave, I said politely that I like my beard, but I wanted to slap her face instead…

  2. Thank you for actually pointing that out, this was written in 2009 and I wasn’t the editor then, that was added in by the editor as that’s not how I type or write. I have since removed it as you are right, beards are everyone’s personal preference. Apologies if it offended you. Thanks!

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